The Nirvana Baby is all Growed Up

Its a slow news day over at CNN:

Spencer Elden, the underwater infant pursuing a dollar bill on the cover of 1991's "Nevermind" is doing swimmingly these days, having graduated a year early from a Los Angeles-area high school.

For all of the details in this mildly amusing story about a 17 year old self-described normal teen that as a baby spent a couple of seconds being shoved underwater in order to grab the photo, go to CNN. Personally, I'm not wasting any more time talking about Nirvana. I never cared for them and I thought Cobain was an idiot.

Yeah, I just called Kurt Cobain an idiot. prove me wrong.


Dave said...

Almost can agree with you.

Of course Cobain was a idiot. Being an idiot or an asshole never stopped anyone from being talented. Unfortunately people make the mistake of thinking that it _adds_ to the talent. No, no, no.

Also, Nirvana's 'Bleach' an incredible album. Sadly, they left that sound behind and evolved to something that I found less interesting. Go on, give 'Negative Creed' a listen and tell me there isn't something special there.

Susie said...

HAHA.. I missed this post, and boy time flies don't it! It aged me - and if the jury is still out on the idiocy factor - shame on them.

Sadly so many of the musicians' get sucked into an oblivion of cocaine & I can think of a few more c words to go along with it!

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