The Bush Administration's Secret PR Machine

Here's something totally not surprising:

According to an article in the NY Times, the Bush administration has been using retired military officers to act as "military analysts" for the media. But, (surprise!) the analysts are quietly being manipulated by the Pentagon to help generate favorable news coverage of the Bush administration's actions during their war.

However, with an overall approval rating hovering at 28%, clearly these Pentagon puppets have their work cut out for them.

A few expressed regret for participating in what they regarded as an effort to dupe the American public with propaganda dressed as independent military analysis.

“It was them saying, ‘We need to stick our hands up your back and move your mouth for you,’” Robert S. Bevelacqua, a retired Green Beret and former Fox News analyst, said.

Seriously: is anyone surprised by this? Outright lying to the American public has become standard operating procedure.

This whole thing has turned from a war on terror to a war on publicity. This can only be seen as a sign of desperation: an administration losing favor with the citizens they govern while refusing to admit they are wrong - resorting to carefully constructed lies in order to bully and scare the American public into submission.

Does this make you mad, or are you going to be one of the millions of other ignorant Americans who would rather put their heads in the sand and all their faith in their "elected" leaders to protect them?

Its time to get off your ass and do something. At the very least, use this form to send a letter to congress and demand better media.

For other ideas on what you can do, visit Brave New Films for more suggestions.

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