In Vino Veritas...Again

Just when you thought the world couldn't handle more than one wine-related reality TV show, rips the tinfoil wrapper off of the story that a SECOND series on the aged grape juice is in the works.

"The Winemakers" is a show that will be shot in Paso Robles wine country and follow 12 contestants as they compete for a chance to create and launch their own label.
'It's the goofiest thing I have ever heard of,' said Mark Wessels, manager of Washington DC-based wine importer MacArthur Beverages. 'What is the point? I can see being interested maybe in one week or two of this, but hard pressed to find it interesting for eight weeks.'
Ah but just wait until the producers have the contestants doing all sorts of crazy things like crushing the grapes without de-stemming (gasp!)

The show is scheduled to air on PBS in the Fall of 2007.

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