Top 5 casino scenes in movies

Many film directors have included casino scenes in their movies. Some, like our first two choices below are all about casinos and gambling, while in others the casino is merely incidental to the action. You can find many movie themed games on online casino like Lucky Nugget as well, they always influence each other. Here is a selection of what we consider to be the top 5 all time casino scenes.

Casino is probably the best movie ever made about, well, casinos. The film, released in 1995, was directed by Martin Scorsese and starred amongst other Robert de Niro, Sharron Stone, Joe Pasci and Frank Vincent. Most of the characters were based on real life people, and the plot centred around De Niro as Sam "Ace" Rothstein (Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal in real life) who was employed by the Chicago mob to run their Las Vegas casino, and his wife Ginger (in real life Geraldine McGee Rosenthal). The best casino scene is hard to call, but our favourite is the “Get your feet off the table” scene in which Ace throws out the cowboy who works for his friend Nicholas "Nicky" Santoro.

Indecent Proposal
Indecent proposal is all about a different sort of gambling – gambling with your heart, but who can really blame Robert Redford for falling for Demi Moore, but was she really worth a million dollars? The casino scenes are a little naff, but the one where Demi kisses the dice before rolling an 11 is irresistible and more than a little sexy.

Casino Royale
Muck of Casino Royale concerns a game of Texas Hold'em between Bond and the terrorist banker Le Chiffre. Bond’s aim is to beat Le Chiffre in the tournament and bankrupt him, and then persuade him to work for MI6. The buy in is $10 million and initially Bond loses. Although his banker Vesper Lynd refuses to advance him $5m for a re-buy, a CIA agent offers the money in exchange for custody of Le Chiffre. Bond of course wins in the end, and the best casino scene in the movie is the final hand where Bond wins with a nut straight flush.

Rain Man
One of the best card counting casino movie scenes was that in the Barry Levinson directed move Rain Man starring Dustin Hoffman as the autistic Raymond Babbitt who had savant talents including a photographic memory, and his exploitive brother Charlie played by Tom Cruise. The scene is set in a Las Vegas casino and Raymond is counting cards in a game of Blackjack, winning a large amount of money.

Anyone who has played blackjack seriously will enjoy the movie about the famous blackjack card counting team from MIT which used team counting to win a considerable amount of money, initially from casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic city but eventually worldwide, that is until they were banned from every casino in the world. Not really a great movie in itself, but still a very good one. Best scene? Difficult one, but probably the one where the supposed high roller goes on tilt and nearly throws the whole plan.

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