New Video from "Friday" Creators is Just What You Expect

Remember Rebecca Black? That talent-less ditz whose Mom paid $4000 to have a song and video created so her little girl could become a star - but really her nasely auto-tuned mess of a video "Friday" turned into nothing but a flash-in-the-pan widely-hated internet viral sensation? Yeah. I know you've tried really hard to erase it from your memory, but just as the drugs have started to wear off, It turns out that the guys that created that infamy are at it again with a new "star" and a new "hit" video that is just as, simplistic, formulaic and annoying as the last one. 

Songwriter/producer/ con-man Patrice Wilson, along with equally untalented co-conspirator Clarence Jay convinced another sucker that they could become a hit sensation without any of those pesky issues like talent, originality, or hard work. 

Debuting just in time to barf up your Thanksgiving turkey, we present Nicole Westbrook and her new video "Its Thanksgiving"

Yes she really does use a turkey leg as a microphone.

I really feel kind of sorry for Nicole - Her parents are out several thousand dollars so that she could ultimately flounder in the shadow of  Rebecca Black's 15-minutes-of-mediocrity.  Just because someone got some publicity and notoriety creating something so profoundly bad doesn't mean you are going to become famous for attempting the exact same thing. 

You know what they say about sequals.

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DERR UFO said...

"Just because someone got some publicity and notoriety creating something so profoundly bad doesn't mean you are going to become famous for attempting the exact same thing."
oh you mean Like with the nut miley cyrus...? am i the only one noticing the machine that put her out in media also made justin bieber- her male clone also ?

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