A Look at Various Directors' Projects In Development

Here's a sneak look at the projects "in development" from various directors. courtesy of IMBD pro.

Now, to be honest, "in development" could mean anything from a greenlit script, to "so I've got this idea for a movie..." so take everything you see here with a grain of salt: Dates are always subject to change, and don't think for a second that you are getting super top secret information here. If its on IMDB, someone wants you to know about it.

But still, the list is pretty interesting. I knew Rodriguez was going to do a sequel to "Machete," and "Avatar 2" has been rumored since the first one came out for Cameron, but ANOTHER Transformers film? And "Indiana Jones 5" from Speilberg? That might be amusing. (or it might suck, since the last one was an abomination to the franchise). And I think Scorsese doing a film about Sinatra would be thrilling (lots of crazy, coo-coo stuff happened behind the scenes with Sinatra. I'd like to see how Martin can visualize this.)

Here's a few screenshots of the projects. Sorry the images are tiny. They wouldnt fit in the Hollywood Dump frame correctly.

Here's the source, if you are having trouble reading these.

Robert Rodriguez:

Joss Whedon:

Christopher Nolan:

Steven Speilberg:

James Cameron:

Martin Scorsese:

Quentin Tarrantino:

Tim Burton:

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