"The Avengers" Breaks Records...a lot of them

What was that Batman fans? I can't hear your complaints over the Cha-ching of millions.  $207.4 million

The Avengers broke Monday's record. (non holiday) $18.8 million

Tuesday's record.  (non holiday) $17.6 million

I'm pretty sure it'll break Wednesday's and Thursday's. Making it one awesome film that the (now nicknamed) Batbabies will whine about until The Dark Knight fades into the background to the number 3 best superhero film. I'm sure The Amazing Spider-Man will push it out of the way for number 2.

Have you seen the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises? What are they doing with the sound? I hate it. Every time it comes on I wish it were possible to take a mini nap. Ooh Bane. As if that's never been done before. I am going to see it. I might even see it at midnight, but come on...why couldn't the villain ever be someone interesting like Harley Quinn? Someone we've never seen in a live action Batman film. Why rehash what the previous Batman films already did?

There's a reason why DC doesn't have a Justice League of America film. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are not that interesting. I just saw a cartoon with them, and they're so bland. After seeing all the tech that Iron Man has, Batman is stone age boring.

I can't wait for The Dark Knight Rises to come out just so it can be shown that it's good, but not better than The Avengers. I want that first weekend to show that though it made money, it didn't make enough. It whimpered. At the beginning of the year it was thought that The Dark Knight Rises would pummel The Avengers. 

I got some tissues for those Batbabies. It's going to hurt worse than seeing Batman wearing PINK.

Worldwide The Avengers inches toward a BILLION dollars. 

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