The Amazing Spider-Man 4 min. Trailer and a Batman Rant

I'm more excited to see The Amazing Spider-Man than The Dark Knight Rises. After seeing The Avengers and how incredible Iron Man is, I cannot look at Batman in that trailer and think of anything but him being a second class Iron Man. His toys pale in comparison. The creators of Batman didn't have to do much thinking because Iron Man was in the background. Now he's in the foreground, they have to scramble. It appears that in The Dark Knight Rises trailer they didn't scramble anything worthy of seeing.

Reddit posters have made me want to bash Batman into guano. And I will. No one sees a Batman film for the hero. They see it for the villain and these villains are rehashes of the previous villains. Nothing spectacular. OHNOSE...Bane's going to be mean. Yeah, seen it. I can't believe people are fooled by such pathetic attempt at making Batman relevant.

I saw a cartoon movie with Batman vs Darkseid and I had to laugh. He knew where he was going and yet he brought NOTHING with him that could help him battle Darkeid. So he got tossed around like a ragdoll. Yeah, that's heroic.

Spider-Man loses a lot and yet he continues to pick hero. He loses everything and yet he still decides to fight for good. In his duel life as Peter Parker, he has no money to fall back on. He has only his smarts and he uses it well, but not enough to make bank. Batman is the 1%. I'm surprised he's liked at all by anyone who buys into that.

The Amazing Spider-Man isn't going to out do The Dark Knight Rises in profit. I'm not arguing that. Batman films try so hard to be Shakespeare when they fail to be fun, entertaining and worthy of seeing more than once.

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