"Caine's Arcade" Innovative Imagination & Creatively Awe-inspiring

Run Time: 10:59
Produced: Interconnected

Director: Nirvan Mullick

JJ Rating: A+

Caine, 9 years-old, creates an arcade at his father's auto part shop. Persistent, creative, ingenious and down right charming, he tries to get people to play his games. No one stops to play despite his winning smile and eagerness...until one man decides why not? And good thing he did. Caine's Arcade.

6 Good Things About This Film

  1. Caine reminds me of me. I created an entire Marvel Universe RPG like board game when I was a teen. I spent hours, days, weeks creating from scratch. I did everything from make the board to the coloring to the sheets of paper for each character describing what they could do, how much damage, how far someone would be knocked back if they got hit by...say the Hulk's punch. It is one of the few things I put my heart and soul into. I look at all the work I did and I don't know how I did it. I don't know where I found the time. When I watched Caine's Arcade, I felt a quick connection. I'd have participated in helping him that day. I'd stare in amazement and understand the hard work that went into Caine's Arcade.
  2. I have not gone to the movies in two weeks. I just don't want to go any more. Films suck and I'm not too keen on writing reviews for sucky films, though I can write a scathing review, it's not fun any more. Going to the movies should be fun. I feel the money drain out of me when I go and it could be spent on other things. Ten minutes is way shorter than a film I'd pay $9 to see. And in those ten minutes I smiled – from start to finish. And that's not something any film I've ever seen can claim from me. It's short, but it's so happy. It restores faith that great people are waiting to do great things. And this was a great thing. Caine created something great and the people that came out to support his greatness made a child's dream come true – just by sepdning their time playing his games. A simple task that gave so many smiles. Especially to Caine.
  3. The film exudes heart. Caine's smile exudes gratitude for what was given to him. It is so fantastic to see a child beam pride for his hard work. That no one could squash his idea. And that he was tireless in trying to get someone to play. When he found that someone he did so because he persisted. So many people don't get where they want to go because they quit just before they get there. Caine was as persistent as the swimming eagle
  4. Caine couldn't have gotten that one customer who brought him many more if it weren't for his father, George. Listening to George speak about his son I could hear how proud he was. That must have been a great feeling to see his son's hard work pay off. To see that if the right person cares, things will expand into something more. He cared and because he did, his son kept on creating and asking until he found that one customer who opened an entire world to Caine. It's astonishing and sad that more kids are not like Caine.
  5. Stories like this make me realize that I just need to push harder and be more persistent and even though it might get tiring...I'm so close. If I just push I'll get what I want. It is just cardboard. But Caine put his imagination and heart into each cut, into each slice, into each strip of tape and into each meticulously stapled ticket. And instead of JUST cardboard he created an arcade. He transformed those boxes into a world he envisioned. That kind of innovation is so rare now days it's amazing to see it displayed like that.
  6. Caine's Arcade made me cry tears of joy. How do you raise such a child? That's a process that should be duplicated the world over.

What did you create when you were his age? What did your imagination reveal? Tap into that time and bring forth that awe-inspiring feeling, that passion for flying cars, chocolate steak or a city made out of Legos and maybe you'll feel inspired again to think without adult bindings. Maybe you'll unleash a creation the world needs, wants or just plain would enjoy.

I don't normally recommend films because my taste is different than everyone's, but take ten minutes out of your day and watch it, and see that despite all the darkness that is in the news...all the terrible things that hijack life...that a little boy in L.A. recycled cardboard boxes into an arcade that became famous due to his ingenious heart. And if we emulated such wonder, oh what things we could create.

Congratulations, Caine. May you have a college fund that gives you the education your mind will use to make this world a more better, more interesting and more fun place to be. I'm sorry I don't have the funds available to help, but maybe I can notify someone else who can. 

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