“John Carter” Pleasant Surprise for Crapuary...

In Theaters: March 9, 2012
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for intense sequences of violence and action)
Genres: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Run Time: 2 hours 12 minutes

Director: Andrew Stanton

JJ Rating: B+

John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), an ex-confederate soldier, hid in a cave from Indians. The cave that held his gold he was going to get. Until someone appeared behind him. After shooting the intruder, he grabbed the medallion the man had and whispered the words the man was whispering. John Carter then transferred to Mars where he learns he can jump...high, where he falls in love and where he leads a people to victory. John Carter.

10 Good Things About This Film

  1. Entertaining from start to finish due to the fast pace story telling. It did not feel like 2+ hours.
  2. Decent acting gave way to characters worthy of care. Which gave way to a scene that sort of surprised me. It reminded me a lot of (without giving it away) Somewhere in Time.
  3. Another great scene was when John Carter is killing Martians left and right (covered in blue, cause their blood ain't red) a flashback weaves its way through. It was a great combination of past and present.
  4. Bring me to Andrew Stanton and how he did a good job. The amount of hands the director reigns passed through were numerous. I wonder how it felt to do a film on a book that predates Star Wars? The imagery of Mars was wonderful. I was engrossed in the world. Invested. And even enamored. John Carter was told in a way that makes me want to see it again.
  5. The Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins (who played Dejah Thoris) had very good chemistry. Her eyes were very eye catching. I couldn't stop myself from wanting to stare at them.
  6. The CGI work worked for me. I liked the look of the Martians. They were real enough that I forgot they were CGI long enough to enjoy the story. The ships they traveled in were neat.
  7. The costumes were great. I liked them. Made the beautiful (Lynn Collins) more beautiful. According to how far I'm into the book...the characters were nude. So far. ha.
  8. I liked the line “John Carter of Earth?” Only because it has a weird-cool ring to it.
  9. Voice actors, again, do a good job. Samantha Morbin, Willem Dafoe, and Thomas Haden Church. The good job comes with making a CGI character real. And because the CGI was good and the voice acting fit the characters, I saw them as characters in a story that I was engrossed in.
  10. I really, really liked the ending. Not as much as a twist of an ending as it was a great way to reveal. Which is another reason why Andrew Stanton did well. I was excited for more.
0 Bad Things About This Film
Nothing terribly bad to mention.

I didn't read Edgar Rice Burroughs' series on John Carter. After learning about how long this film was in development hell and that it inspired films like Star Wars and Avatar, I had to give it a go. So I snagged a sample for my Nook. Right now, I sort of like it. It's weird, though. I haven't read a single line of actual dialogue between the characters and I'm on page 50. It's not an issue, it's just something I've never encountered in reading a book.

John Carter was a good film, enjoyable and fun for the entire family. I'm thinking of owning it. Money is tight as it is, so thinking about it is all I can do. Considering that this is March (and still part of the Crapuaray film release months), John Carter is a pleasant surprise.

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Kelly Matherly-Urban said...

You failed to mention the bad ass special effects makeup! In particular, Peeta's painting/camouflage. It was better than I had hoped fore (but with Ve Neill on staff, what do you expect?) If for nothing else, I would see the movie again just to see the terrific job on Peeta's painting-camouflage. I loved more than just the makeup though, there wasn't much that disappointed me (minus the anoying teens in the audience).

Like you, I gave it an A-

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