Charging for Change?

Bullies are a focal point (all of the sudden) for many people. They now care that kids are being picked on for asinine reasons. For years they looked the other way and now they look directly at the problem and go OMG it's a problem. Oh really? I'm well aware that it was a problem before this over-dramatic crap that's been going on.

I agree that NOW is worse than when I was in school, and worse still before that. This idea that all the sudden it's something to worry about makes me sick. If they didn't ignore the problem for so long there wouldn't be a problem to contend with now.

These people that now care are part of the reason the problem exists to begin with. Their NOW caring doesn't cure the ignoring they perpetuated for years. It's the entire idea that liberals think that if they make a film about it or they voice their opinion on it that they've done enough. Talking about a problem is good. It's the first step, but this thought that if they get enough people talking about it that change will happen is laughable.

Wasn't this what the Obama election was hinged on? Hope and Change. And where did that get America? Is it better because of believing in that hope in change? Is it better because people talked about change? No, it is not. That's because it's never good enough to just talk about a problem.

Of course you have to make people aware there is a problem, but once they are aware, then what? What are you going to do? Make laws and force them to comply? Did you know that laws are not created for those that follow, they're created for those that don't. And those that don't comply don't comply no matter what kind of law is created. Laws are precarious to begin with. You can't law people into being good. They either want to be good or they don't.

And if they don't, what will you do? Bully them into complying? Haha.

I think it's noble to create a film about bullying and bring people into a world that they are most likely not familiar with. What I'm not okay with is charging people for change. You can't charge for change. It doesn't work.

The people who are doing The Bully Project are trying to get the MPAA (who are a group of douchebags anyway. Uh did you hear about what the Director's Guild did to RobertRodriguez because he wanted to give co-director credit to Frank Miller? These unions can be real pricks.) to agree to a rating of PG-13 so that kids can see it without an adult's consent. They hear this language all day long, what's the big deal? The big deal is that they hear the language all the time. Is it really necessary to bring the language out to abuse more ears? The problem with using the same (or in this case allowing the same) abusive language is that “reality” doesn't necessarily bring about change.

This is the same as the anti-abortion crowd. They stand outside of Planned Parenthood (a horrible place full of hypocrites and morons) with nasty pictures of aborted fetuses in hopes of scaring away any girl that's thinking of using the services of these hypocrites. Does the nasty pictures really stop abortions? No. They happen by the thousands, daily. It's disgusting, but no amount of gross, horrible, ick pictures stops people from aborting.

Same with DWIs or DUIs with photos of horrible crashes because drinking or taking mind altering drugs that ruin your ability to drive. This doesn't stop either type of driving and people still die by the thousands because of said accidents.

Because you show reality to people doesn't mean they learn better or understand what's going on better than they had previously. All you do is show them nasty pictures under the idea that these nasty pictures will eventually do something to make them change. And if that were true, deaths by drunk driving and abortions would fall yearly. But they don't.

I understand what they are trying to do with this Bully Project, but I do not agree that it'll be helpful in anyway. Nothing is worse than activist that are activist for glory of being activist than just existing to help people out of their situation. I hate talkers. I hate marketers of said talkers. I hate the fact that someone's plight turns into an event that doesn't help anyone other than the talkers.

Here is the trailer for the film BULLY. I hate how this trailer markets the movie like any other film. The entire “The problem is real.” and “The problem is being ignored.” points are annoying. Seriously? This is how you market this film? By suggesting to me what a problem is? The power of objectiveness is that you can show an issue and have someone ask the questions without telling them what to ask themselves. This trailer talks to me as if I'm stupid. I don't appreciate that.

I think they are going about this all the wrong way. Screw the MPAA to the hell of olden times. Do NOT release the film in theaters. Release it on YouTube like other films have been released. Promote it through Twitter. Get people to back it with appropriate commercials and things that will reach out and help any student that needs it. Don't ask for the students to pay to see it. Don't charge for change. It's a terrible way of going about this.

The trailer makes me sad when the boy says that he can't make friends easily. I wanted to say, “I'll be your friend.” No one should feel as if they are alone. No one. No one should make others feel as if they are worthless or don't deserve to live. And though those kinds of people exist, they shouldn't be hated as much as they should be pitied that they feel as if they have to treat others like trash. There's something going on there that's just as damaging as they are to others. There's so much sadness in bullying that it isn't just the bullied that one should worry about.

I hope they get great results with this film. I don't see how they're going to get it by having people pay for change. That doesn't much matter if it works. Let's not forget that the road to hell was paved with good intentions and this...this is a good intention that hopefully is ending elsewhere, but to me it appears to be descending to that storybook hell, fast.

Yes, I'll see it when it comes out, even if I do have to pay.

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