Hunger Games vs Second City

Since the "Twilight" series has made a stupefying amount of money on a small budget, studios are looking at teen novels as a new source of potential box office profits.  Lionsagate is putting its money on "The Hunger Games," an adaptation of the young adult book series written by Suzanne Collins, out March 23.

And since "Twilight" became the source of many a funny (or otherwise) parody, the folks at Second City contacted us to let us know they are getting a jump on the competition and put together this film.

Here's there short. Pretty funny!


matt.CH said...

I'm actually really excited for this movie! I agree with the whole jumping on the moneymaker thing, but can we really expect anything else from Hollywood?

I've never read the movies but my brother is a huge fan of the trilogy. Something about action-adventure films really get me pumped for them.

Hopefully it's a really well done film!

Check out my movie blog if you ever get a chance to! :)

J_Jammer said...

I'm reading the Hunger Games Trilogy right now. I really like it despite the main character being a girl. It's pretty good. I'll be able to do the entire compare the book to the movie without being a prick about it. Cause I got this down pat, yo!

J_Jammer said...

I didn't mention how funny the video was. I laughed. I liked it. It is a running theme/gag through the first book and most of the second. I'm assuming it continues into the third.

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