“The Chronicle” The Beginning of Awesome

In Theaters: February 3, 2012
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for intense action and violence, thematic material, some language, sexual content and teen drinking)
Genres: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Thriller
Distributors: 20th Century Fox Distribution

Director: Joshua Trank

JJ Rating: A-

Andrew (Dane DeHaan), Steve (Michael B. Jordan) and Matt (Alex Russell) let curiosity get the better of them. They go down into a hole, see a glowing object, touch it and are given telekinetic powers. This is their story. This is The Chronicle of their journey.

14 Good Things About This Film

  1. The concept is genius. In an industry that has fawned over superheroes and powers for ages, it's difficult to break into the moviegoer's heart. The concept of teenage boys getting powers is an awesome idea. If anything it gives me material to work with for my book.
  2. The hand camera view is interesting in that it's like first person novels. But for some reason for a film it feels more confining than in a novel. However, it works for The Chronicle. I liked it.
  3. The CGI work is pretty good considering...however it was notifiable at times.
  4. The acting impressed me. I believe I'm a pretty good judge of talent. Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan, and Alex Russell did an awesome job. The Trinity of The Chronicle.
  5. Dane DeHaan played Andrew the Moody. He had great intensity in his eyes that creeped me out the moment he knocked the Jeep off the road. That burning intensity that worked in a subtle way. So much pent up aggression over his past and how he's treated at school. He embodied embitterment perfectly.
  6. Michael B. Jordan (what a name to live up to without intending on it being so) played Steve the Happy. He did a good job displaying a cheery go-lucky kind of guy. It was infectious. He'd rebound every time he was rebuffed by DeHaan's Andrew. I know someone like him.
  7. Alex Russell played Matt the Wise. He was the balance of having a gift to use for fun and for action. He showed moral indignation with amateurish flare. And was my favorite.
  8. All three will go on and do more great things in the acting world, if they so choose to. And they should. They have the talent to propel them.
  9. I liked that it was in Seattle instead of some overdone area like NYC. Though my book is located in NYC. Therefore I'm not doing what I like. However, it does move from NYC to elsewhere...if that counts for anything. I think it does. That's enough.
  10. There were moments when Andrew's camera couldn't be used, so they had another character, Casey the blogger, with a camera. Smart move to have a different vantage point, cause it was necessary and needed.
  11. The action sequences were great. Especially at the end with the battle. I didn't expect there to be a massive battle, but there was and it was good.
  12. The dialogue is teenager strong. You can't make things too profound, which is why one of the characters was reading about philosophy. But they worked it in there without FORCING it.
  13. I liked how Andrew used his powers for popularity only to have himself bring him back down to where he was prior...the drudges.
  14. One last hurrah over the Trinity...they (DeHaan, B. Jordan, Russell) made The Chronicle resonate.

2 Bad Things About This Film

  1. Time management. A bit more lulling than I think was necessary.
  2. Andrew's mother was sick. I didn't get why he couldn't try to help her feel better. This is the curse of being an X-Man fan. I know the powers and understand their multiple uses.

The Chronicle is one of those films that the more I think about it, the more I like it. I was afraid that the film might be so well received that it would ruin The Avengers when they arrived. Instead it was good without overshadowing the greatness of The Avengers. The Chronicle only enhances the anticipation for The Avengers.

And by enhancing it I mean that while sitting there I thought of Peter Parker's uncle Ben saying, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Though technically Peter says it in the comic book... "With great power there must also come—great responsibility!"* Either way I thought of him. When three male teens get powers, that's a recipe for disaster. According to my grandfather one boy has a whole. Two boys have half a brain. Three boys...no brain at all. And throughout my life I found that to be beyond true. You can put the most responsible teenage boys together and they will eventually do something asinine. It's the way it works. The Chronicle taps into that and it's why I really liked it.

The Chronicle was a fresh look of an old tale. The freshness is the camera angle, but it's also the way the characters decided to use their powers. How they progressed in use from fun to dire. I hope that because it's called The Chronicle that there will be more to it than just the beginning. I want there to be. 

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James and Jacob said...

This looks very interesting. I am a fan of comic book movie in general. And especially Marvel and X-Men. So I think I will check this out. Good review.


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