2012 Oscar Nods SUCK!

The following is my unedited (because it was posted on a forum) view on the 2012 Oscars. They suck so bad, these nominations, that when they were aired I didn't care. I don't care now. I don't even know if I'll waste my time watching them. And I'm one of the few people who gets excited over them. Not this year.

The Artist this is a silent movie for 95% of the film. And it's almost twice as long as an actual silent movie. That's the makings of something that went overboard on the "cool retro" factor. And I saw it. I almost fell asleep. But I'm sure the douchebags of the Academy will fawn and molest this film to no end.

The Descendants George Clooney is one of the most overrated actors they have to fawn over and it's annoying because this film is a cliche wrapped up in a cliche and grilled with cliche seasoning only to be served on a cliche dish in a cliche taco truck behind a cliche building.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close This film is good and worth seeing or renting. But it is a filler movie because they, for some reason, rather not nominate a great Superhero film.

The Help Great film, but not the kind of film that wins best picture and that's because it's just a good film. It's not great. And since the rest of the nods are not great, this fits in just fine.

Hugo Uh, boring children's films. One of the most boring I've seen in a while. It's decent, but meh for the most part.

Midnight in Paris I Netflixed this film recently and loved it. Out of all the nods in this category, this is the only one that's worthy. It is not trying to be nominated and the writing is awesome.

Moneyball another good film like The Help, but it's that kind of good that is good Saturday movie good, not great OMG you gotta run out and see it goo.

The Tree of Life Uh, the idea on its own is boring.

War Horse War epic on WWII. How...Steven Spielberg of them. I know. It's good, but again...not great. And the main actor isn't nominated for an Oscar...which, by the way, was far better acting from him than any who are in any category for best actor or supporting.

They ignored the best supporting actor role of the entire year. Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor. No actor has touched that kind of acting in any of these ten films or any films nominated for best supporting actor. None.

Why wasn't the Muppets nominated for best Film? Because the Academy is full of saggy old people that have no flare for awesome. They nominated a movie that begged to be nominated just by being silent. OMG. They so need to be replaced. They're like dead bulbs. ugh.

9 of these ten film will not be remembered come next year...so who were the nominees in 2012? I don't know. They are that forgettable.

And Cars 2 wasn't nominated? But they nominate Kung Fu Panda 2 and Puss in Boots?

Trailer trash nominations at best.

I liked Puss and Boots as well, but it's not that kind of film that wins stuff. And now it can say it was nominated.

That use to mean something.

But I don't think so any more. Not for me. Not after this abysmal list of stupid.

They nominate so much crap that no one sees.

Bridesmaids? It was funny, but no where near as funny as the comedies they've never nominated.

Why have it on TV if what you're nominating is poo? Who cares?

And if it's just be a big commercial to drum up more ticket sales for films that suck, then admit to it so I can laugh in your face.

Don't have it on the TV any more if you're going to go about nominating B-films. Especially films NO ONE SAW. Look at ticket sales. Down again.

On top of high ticket prices they have this track record of crap and people would rather spend their money getting drunk than watch films that make them wish they were drunk.

* On a side note - This will be the lowest viewed Oscars in awhile. The host will not unsink this already sunk ship. 

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