“The Artist” Eh, It was Clever, I Suppose...

In Theaters: November 23, 2011
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for a disturbing image and a crude gesture)
Genres: Drama, Foreign
Distributors:The Weinstein Company

Director: Michel Hazanavicius

JJ Rating: B+

A silent movie about a silent movie actor. Creative genius? The Artist.

4 Good Things About This Film

  1. Creative awesomeness. I liked the idea.
  2. Silent films have charm and this film tried to harvest that, and that was cool to watch.
  3. I liked how, when they did use sound, they used it with magical flair.
  4. Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Béjo were a dynamic duo. They made The Artist worth seeing. For the most part.

4 Bad Things About This Film

  1. It was too long to sit there and watch a film without dialogue
  2. I don't understand how someone can be nominated for hardly ever speaking for a Golden Globe, but someone that is a voice actor doesn't get nominated at all? How is that reasonable? Andy Serkis voiced Gollum and didn't get nominated for an Golden Globe or an Oscar. Voicing a character has as much talent as showing exaggerated facial expressions.
  3. Why is black and white necessary when they do old films? It's so overdone...I thought it would be cool to be silent and in color. Talk about different. Is it really the case that way back when we could ONLY see in Black & White? Haha. Seriously.
  4. It was like a short story that they stretched and I noticed how the film would pan out 10 minutes in.

I gave The Artist a high grade due to the acting more so than the story. I believe that if you're a film buff then The Artist is worth seeing. And Jean Dujardin deserves every nomination and award he gets. I want to see a film I will be excited to write a review for. This was not one of them. 

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