“Footloose” Fun Dancing, Underdeveloped Drama

Genres: Musical/Performing Arts and Remake
Running Time: 1 hr. 53 min.
Release Date: October 14th, 2011 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some teen drug and alcohol use, sexual content, violence and language.
Distributors: Paramount Pictures

Director: Craig Brewer

JJ Rating: B

Same as the old one. Dancing is banned because it is the (or so they say) root cause for a tragic accident. Then a new boy comes into town and flips that all around. Footloose.

5 Good Things About this Film

  1. Footloose is a great film to show writers and screenwriters that a simple idea can expand into a full story. All this is about is a small town banning dancing and how characters react to it. It's simple. No trick ending here.
  2. Great acting by Kenny Wormald. He held the film together. It mattered who they picked and they did a very good job of picking. Aside from him, Miles Teller (who played his good friend) did a good job as well. As for the others, they just did...nothing outstanding there.
  3. Great fun music.
  4. Add that to the great dancing and you've got fantastically entertaining dance scenes. Especially when they line dance at the country club. One of my favorite scenes.
  5. Another great scene is watching Willard dance to “Let's Hear it for the Boy” with four little girls.

4 Bad Things About this Film

  1. The massively bad thing is the main girl, Julianne Hough. OMG if she just died at the beginning with her character brother, I wouldn't have cared. Her character is one of the most unnecessary characters in the film. I've seen the original, but it's been a while and I don't recall feeling that way about her then. I don't know what it is, but rebel girl characters are always so hard to sympathize with. They do all these wrong things and then when those wrong things come back to roost or take a chunk out of their butt, I'm supposed to feel sorry for them? Uh, no. They got what they deserved. No sorry feelings from me. IE Her break up scene.
  2. The emotional maturity of this Footloose felt more like an after school special than a million dollar production. I told you when I saw Star Trek's first scene with Kirk's dad (now Thor) talking to his mom as he's being born...that scene is the most emotional scene I've ever seen that took only seconds to set up and minutes to pass. No one has any way of explaining away their suck when it comes to creating this kind of emotion when they have an ENTIRE FILM to get it right.
  3. This “white boy” phrase...is tiring. If I don't get to say black boy in the same tone as white boy, then you don't get to say white boy, ever. Thanks.
  4. The run time, too long. They could have managed time better in this film.

I cannot stand when people don't want to see a film because it's a remake. OMG I can't see that, it's a remake. SHUT UP. Why can't they think of anything new? Really? You think books like “The Hunger Games”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” or “Harry Potter” are new ideas? NO, they are not. They are only different ways of telling the same old same old. I love “A Princess Bride” the book and the film, but all it's about is a guy rescuing his girl from marrying a jerk. It's the way it's told that matters, not the premise of the story. I think anyone that says Footloose isn't good as the first, only has the first on a higher standard it doesn't deserve to be at. It's like the “I walked five miles, barefooted and in the snow” when all that happened was your shoes were stolen by your brother and you pouted all the way home two blocks. OHNO you hearted a past that wasn't that good the first time you lived through it...too bad.

I hope Footloose gets millions just to spite all the unnecessary, illogical whiners.  

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Amber said...

Ha! This is great. I haven't seen the new Footloose yet, but I recently rewatched the old one--the Kevin Bacon one, as I like to call it-- and still love it. I'll get my whole family to go see this to help you spite the whiners. ^_^

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