“The Debt” Lacks Umph

Genres: Thriller, Crime/Gangster, Adaptation, Remake and War
Release Date: August 31st, 2011 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for for some violence and language.
Distributors: Focus Features

Director: John Madden

JJ Rating: B

Three people go out on a mission to capture a terrible Nazi. Three people keep a secret for a long time. A secret that eats them from the inside out. A secret that eventually comes to the light of day only after much pain and decades later. The Debt.

Good Things About this Film

  1. Yes it's a remake, no I have not seen the original. I like The Debt. The good acting by everyone.
  2. I like Sam Worthington, Helen Mirren and Jessica Chastain. They did a very good job, as well as the evil villain Jesper Christensen. I hated him and wanted him to just flat out die. DIE...a painful death.
  3. Worthington and Chastain had great chemistry.
  4. I liked how emotional the film made me. I thought about dealing with people like that, who try to infiltrate your thinking by asking stupid asinine questions that have only one intent: to make you question others instead of focusing on the evil. Evil's good at that. Also makes great villains.
  5. I liked how the beginning and end had similar scenes, but off by just a bit. Slightly powerful, but not powerful enough.
  6. Good fight scenes. The beginning was quick and sharp. The end, slow but edge of seat-ish.

Bad Things About this Film

  1. That I was thinking how I would hold a prisoner better. That's not something to think about. When will I ever use that? The answer should be never. And yet I told my brother how I could have done so much better and got specific.
  2. It's not as strong as I wanted it to be. I wanted it to hit hard. It didn't.
  3. The trailer looked good, but the feeling after seeing the film wasn't as good. It was okay, but not what I expected to feel.

The Debt delivered good acting, but lackluster story. I will see the original, just not any time soon. Gotta give a few months between the two to allow for a fresh perspective. The Debt can stir up great conversations about how one would handle a similar situation, but other than that it's not worth rushing out and seeing. I'm not bubbling with excitement over it. I show that by how long it took me to write this bleh review. 

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