“Our Idiot Brother” Is Not Worth It

Genres: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr. 35 min.
Release Date: August 26th, 2011 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for for sexual content including nudity, and for language throughout.
Distributors: The Weinstein Company

Director: Jesse Peretz

JJ Rating:

Ned (Paul Rudd) is too honest for his own good. He cares and to him giving is better than receiving, therefore he gives a not plain clothes cop marijuana. He's sent to jail. When he gets out months later his world, as he left it, is no longer the same. So he has to rely on family who judge him for his differences and don't appreciate him for what he gives...which is why the title is Our Idiot Brother.

2 Good Things About This Film

1. There were several scenes that were true to life like Ned bouncing River (Matthew Mindler) on the trampoline or Jeremy (Adam Scott) helping Miranda (Elizabeth Banks) carry a shelf up the stairs. Lately I've seen many things in films that pertain to my experiences. It's weird, yet entertaining. Unfortunately they have not been in great films.
2. Good acting, for the most part. No standouts.

7 Bad Things About This Film

1. The use of four letter words would have been powerful if the actual script was well written. The over use of certain words to edge it to R is just a waste.
2. Nudity. Don't get the need. Normally I don't get it. If anyone wants it, they must not have Google. Seriously, why is nudity necessary in any film? Except to perves and fake “for the art” people?
3. I'm disappointed in Zooey Deschanel. Her performance fell flat and is the only one in the cast that I felt phoned in. Ick.
4. Thin showing of heart didn't work. It needed more.
5. I wanted to see Liz (Emily Mortimer) get dressed up and look “hot” as her sisters said she use to be. That would have been a great use of closure.
6. The weak ending made me smile, but after all of this, that wasn't good enough.
7. I felt that it headed into the bland by the first scene with the cop. It couldn't get traction, which made me take every opportunity to laugh as a chance to just over do it.

It's funny that this is Adam Scott's second time playing a Jeremy. In Leap Year he played Jeremy.

Our Idiot Brother could have been (as I've said a lot recently) better. I remember being excited for Captain America. Now what film am I excited to see? With films like Contagion on the horizon, I feel as if I'm being led down the same path as if I'm addicted to abusive relationships. I should see this coming every year, but every year I'm SHOCKED.

I have a relationship with Hollywood via films and it starts off rocky (Poor films from January – mid April), but there are a few moments where I actually see hope, where I get surprised gifts that I'm pulled into give it another chance. Then awesome explodes (Mid April – July) and we have a lot of fun like we were young again. I'm excited and can't see how it'll slow down. I'm wrong. I get slapped hard by complete boredom (August – First week November) and wonder why I even bother with this relationship again. As if a great kiss can solve all my problems (Rest of November – December), I get pulled into a massive make-out session and that's that. I'm enamored. Only to have the process start allover again. January 2012...

I'm a sadomasochist.

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Theo Academy said...

I agree with you on the nudity thing. However, I don't complain about it in The Last Picture Show because it is used in a realistic, almost sad way.

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