“Crazy, Stupid, Love” Super, Awesome, Good

Genres: Comedy, Drama and Romance
Running Time: 1 hr. 47 min.
Release Date: July 29th, 2011 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for for coarse humor, sexual content and language.
Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution

Director: Glenn Ficarra and John Requa

JJ Rating: A

Cal's (Steven Carell) marriage falls into divorce. He goes to a bar he's passed by several times. He meets Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who helps him become a better man. Situations get better, only to get worse, but eventually end on awesome. Crazy, Stupid, Love.

8 Good Things About This Film

1. A cast that not only worked well together, but played well together. One could not have asked for a better cast than this. I like every single star and the new faces.
2. Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling had great chemistry. Gosling and Emma Stone great chemistry. Carell and Julianne Moore great chemistry. Analeigh Tipton (as Jessica the babysitter) was fantastic in her teenisms.
3. I'm shocked at how great Crazy, Stupid, Love is. I expected great things, but I didn't expect overwhelmingly great things.
4. Whoever did the trailer did a phenomenal job. It gave NOTHING away but the bare bones. So much goes on in this film that if any of it was given away in the trailer, then the film would have not been as great.
5. Funny.
6. Heartwarming.
7. A scene dealing with a cell phone call, backyard and a well lit window at night showcased a simple conversation with emotion that conveyed something very, very powerful.
8. The end is holy wow in ways that it can only be. Saying anything will ruin everything.

2 Bad Things About This Film

1. The way marriage is treated like it's a joke. In the end marriage sort of wins, but the way it's played with is a disturbing trend that is way noticeable.
2. How a child is smarter than the parent in ways of love and how the child doesn't get corrected in his obsessive nature.

Crazy, Stupid, Love had equal parts crazy, stupid and love that made it worth every single second it played and every single dollar I'll spend in owning it.

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