“The Change-Up” Gave the Same Old Same Old...

Genres: Comedy
Release Date: August 5th, 2011 (wide)
Distributors: Universal Pictures

Director: David Dobkin

JJ Rating: C-

Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) is a man whore. Dave (Jason Bateman) is a husband. They want the other's life. They drink. A lot. They need to pee. They pee in a fountain. The fountain switches them. Ohnose they be the other for a while and hopefully learn something. The Change-Up.

3 Good Things About this Film

1. Great chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman.
2. Reynolds and Bateman had to play the other's characters and it was great to see them channel the other. I believed it.
3. Humor between them Main Characters worked....

8 Bad Things About this Film

1. ...except for 95% of the time in 95% of the scenes.
2. The need to be crass, gross and nude didn't add a single thing to the humor and detracted any great laughs by TMI galore.
3. Terrible ending with a terrible speech by a terrible character that didn't get anything out of the switch, or so it seemed.
4. Sitting next to a couple with a man who ate food he snuck in that, of course, was wrapped in plastic. Idiot. If you're going to sneak in food...one it shouldn't be wrapped in loud wrapping whatever and two it shouldn't smell. Have some etiquette...or class.
5. I was bored due to not laughing enough.
6. Disappointed.
7. Very Disappointed.
8. They (whoever they are) squandered the leads' greatness. Pitiful.

The promotions for this film made me laugh because Reynolds and Bateman are very funny. The premise of The Change-Up hilarious. How could they screw up the delivery? It's because they let the apes from The Rise of the Planet of the Apes write the script. They'll never do that again. Hopefully.

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