“Horrible Bosses” Will Die a Funny Death!

Genres: Comedy
Release Date: July 8th, 2011 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for crude and sexual content, pervasive language and some drug material.
Distributors: New Line Cinema

Director: Seth Gordon

JJ Rating: B+

Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) and Dale (Charlie Day) meet for beers on a regular bases to discuss how horrible their bosses are. One night they drunkenly joke about killing their bosses. The next night they soberly think it’s a great idea. Horrible Bosses.

8 Good Things about this Film

1. Jennifer Aniston’s part is much dirtier than I expected and most of my laughs were out of massive hilarity that my “Friends” star flashed her dirty side.
2. All the actors were hilarious to the point of laughing out loud. Love Jason Bateman’s dry sense of humor, Jason Sudeikis’s blasé attitude and Charlie Day’s overreacting.
3. Colin Farrell was gross and when you’re good looking like him it’s interesting to see an ugly side. Kevin Spacey’s blatant hatred for anything that’s not as awesome as him, fantastic. Jennifer Aniston’s flip from Girl Next Door to Girl wanting to touch someone’s peepee.
4. Jamie Foxx’s nickname and his demeanor.
5. 95% of the script was great.
6. Great ending aside from…
7. Unlike some people, I enjoyed the silly nature of the entire film. When dealing with the idea of killing one’s boss, silly is the way to go.
8. Great coke sifting scene, bathroom butt scene, recording but not scene, speeding in a Prius scene and fantastic shoot gun-blame them-recorder didn’t catch scene.

3 Bad Things about this Film

1. Jennifer Aniston’s part is much dirtier than I expected and most of my laughs were out of total embarrassment that my “Friends” star flashed her dirty side.
2. The 5% of the script that lacked had to do with Sudeikis’s character being the worst friend anyone could possibly want. Seriously, how can anyone be that incredibly selfish in their friend’s time of need? That perturbed me.
3. …how they got Jennifer Aniston. Seemed way over the top and I expected over the top, but way over…is a tiny, tiny bit much.

Horrible Bosses is a film that’s for anyone that has ever had a douchebag boss. I’ve had a few, none of them was as bad or close to bad as any of these, but I totally get wanting to get rid of a terrible boss. Or, in the very least, have them humiliated for being a terrible human being. I’ve never come to such an agreement with any of my friends. Enjoyable in theory, great on the screen, but not something I’d even consider as a great idea.

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