“X-Men: First Class” Is a First Class Superhero Film

Genres: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adaptation and Sequel
Release Date: June 3rd, 2011 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for brief strong language, some sexuality and a violent image.
Distributors: 20th Century Fox

Director: Matthew Vaughn

JJ Rating: A

X-Men: First Class is a reboot of a very profitable franchise. They start the X-Men at the beginning. The comic books by the exact same name have a different cast of mutants sans Magneto and Professor X. They set the beginning of the X-Men around the Cuban Missile Crises. Magneto’s beginning is still in a concentration camp, but this time he meets Sebastian Shaw.

Eleven Great Things about this Film:
2. The characters picked, even the Pixie one…though she’s not called Pixie, I don’t want to bother with saying Angel. Get over it. I love Sebastian Shaw, one of my favorite villains. Banshee was great. Having William Stryker was a nice touch as was the start of S.H.I.E.L.D.
3. The acting…by everyone, but even more especially by James McAvoy as Professor X and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. Oh, and January Jones (a very spy savvy name) as White Queen was greatness…no matter what some stupid fandboy says. Her entire demeanor was ice cold. It fits.
4. The CGI work, it didn’t bother the story.
5. The story. Fantastic. I had doubts about this film from the onset because it’s FIRST CLASS and there’s no Cyclops or Jean Grey. But they impressed me a lot. It was also impressive how they retold certain areas of X-Men lore that any X-Fan knows. I’m hardcore and still found the retelling as great as the original in the comics.
6. Great camera work. I say this because the end of the climax had an amazing display of camera use between Professor X and Magneto’s methodical precision with a keepsake.
7. I love montages. The X-Men practice their abilities in a well scored and filmed montage. It mixed humor and awesomeness into a great fantastord (fantastic + word) Humomeness.
8. Great score. I have listened to it A…LOT. Yes, it’s true.
9. Great display of mutant abilities.
10. Amazing conversations about concentration and mutant abilities, about looks, feelings about who they are…proving X-Men can be profound like Shakespeare. Yeah, I compare the two. I know Shakespeare enough to do that. He said it was okay.
11. It’s called X-Men. I can’t not love X-Men no matter what they’re in.

Three point one Worst Things about this Film:
No Cyclops.
2. They have Havok and no Cyclops.
3. I think I said this already, but no Cyclops.
3.1 I have a love/hate feeling toward “Mutant and Proud”. I understand the connection between homosexuals and the X-Men, but I don’t like blatant affiliation. Marvel stands above DC because they’re not as PC as DC is with their characters. They allow things to stand on their own and allowing the reader/viewer to come to their own conclusion.

Oscar nods for CGI, cinematography, score and screenplay.

I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD and when the second one comes out. I do like, oddly enough, Thor more, but X-Men: First Class is a great summer film. Anyone disagreeing is not only mentally retarded with a severe case of stupid, they’re brain dead. Just sayin’.

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