Double review "Hangover II" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides"

I don’t know who I’m writing this to, but whoever reads these reviews. I love movies and I love discussing them, but over the last few weeks, it’s been really difficult to write about films. It’s mentally exhausting. Something fun shouldn’t be so draining. I write my novel and it doesn’t drain me and cause me dread like these reviews. I decided to revamp it to keep it interesting for me. Whether or not it’s interesting to anyone else really doesn’t matter to me. I don’t write for other’s enjoyment. If they so happen to enjoy it, that’s good and dandy, but the reviews are for me. Helps me practice.

“The Hangover II” Not as Great, But Good Enough

JJ Rating: B+

Own it: Maybe.
See it again: Maybe.
Recommend it to: Those that liked the first one.
See it in New York: Eh, maybe on the yes side.

Is more like Hangover Retold in a Different Location, which doesn’t bother me in the least. Everyone is back. Everyone is funny and entertaining. Not as much as the first, but still worth seeing. I laughed, but not hard. No crow eating because I am not saying I laughed more during Bridesmaids. There was the same amount of desert laughter (none). I liked that it was similar. It a point.

The photos at the end are funny as the first set of photos. I didn’t like how they had to go the must be grosser route. It lost its initial charm doing that, but I got over it. I didn’t have any huge hangover ha-ha’s to talk about. Oh well, I still had a good ol’ movie time.

I can’t wait for women’s boobs to be as funny as men’s penises. It’s a tiresome joke that got old the first few times it was done. Though now that a congressmen of the same namesake displayed himself in a Twitter-whorish way. Jokes on weiners until the heifers come home. Men lose again.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” Good Addition to a Good Series

JJ Rating: B+

Own it: don’t own any of them.
See it again: Sure.
Recommend it to: If you seen the others, sure…see this one.
See it in New York: Yes.

I’m sick of the OMG it’s not as good as the first one…that can work with movies like the Hangover, because they use the same formula, but didn’t get the same result. With On Stranger Tides it had similar characters to the previous ones, but it had a different story line that put forth the effort and made it entertaining.

I enjoyed the acting, the script and some of the funniest moments in all the series. It even had great heart touching moments with new characters. Johnny Depp did a fantastic job as always. Losing two main characters didn’t hurt the story. It also didn’t make it better. The story went a different direction and worked without two of the main characters. They added new characters and it worked. The ending even gave way to think that they might do a fifth one. I hope that it doesn’t over kill like Saw. However, to some, it just might have done that.


My next review will be of X-Men: First Class and I hope to have my new method worked out. It might not be perfect, but it ought to be less stressful. I also saw Super 8 and that’ll come up as well. Two great summer movies.

I guess I’ll blame a forum I go to for draining my brain of enough power to do other things with writing. I can say that I’ve stopped going there, so that’s good. I do have another opinion place I go to, but that’s becoming way too redundant to be worth doing any more.

It’s a hard job formulating an opinion out of thin air.


msmariah said...

I completely understand about writing reviews. It takes more effort than people realize. I've been trying to keep up with my reviews even when I dread it. I figure at some point it will pay off. Good reviews btw.

c1h2a3r4 said...

Good review. I completely understand.

You know somethings gone wrong when you come out of the pirates of the carabien and sing the star wars theme tune :)

J_Jammer said...

Ha, Star Wars Theme...nice.

Yeah, I don't think people get how hard it is. You can't just say OMG it was like so freakin' good!!!! Cause that's what you say to your friends and no one wants to read that.

Thanks to the both of you.

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