“Bridesmaids” A Good Woman Comedy

Genres: Comedy
Running Time: 2 hr. 5 min.
Release Date: May 13th, 2011 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for some strong sexuality, and language throughout.
Distributors: Universal Pictures
Director: Paul Feig

JJ Rating: B+

See it again: Maybe
Own it: No.
Recommend it to: women and gay men, cause apparently they die laughing during this film. I didn’t die, I laughed.

See it in NYC:
Yes I would.

Great acting
Great comedic timing
Fantastic scenes that beg to be remembered forever

Too long in getting to the point at the beginning

Lillian (Maya Rudolph) is getting married and Annie (Kristen Wiig) is dubbed Maid of Honor. Helen (Rose Byrne) subtly starts to push Annie out of the best friend position with Lillian. Annie pushes back. Words are shared. Scenes of hilarity ensue. Things go terribly wrong every way possible. Bridesmaids.

OMGEEEE it’s so much better than The Hangover…yeah if you have a period and know how it feels to be on the rag. Otherwise, Bridesmaids is just a good comedy. One of the best of the year, but the year isn’t over yet. Saying that is such a waste of words. It’s a great precursor to The Hangover II. I might eat crow if Bridesmaids is better.

I really liked Officer Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd). He was hilarious. His dry wit really resonated with me. It was a great balance between his humor and the silly humor of the rest of the cast. I also really liked Megan (Melissa McCarthy). Whacked out, but she knew what she was talking about. Bridesmaids had a great cast that meshed in a less than perfect way to give birth to a great women majority comedy. Kristen Wiig has great comedic timing and she was a great choice to be the lead. I don’t think anyone else could have had as sweet and painful delivery as she.

Many great scenes that were funny, but not as funny as The Hangover. There’s the food poisoning dress fitting, them trying to get the cop’s attention doing “illegal” things in a car, the one up speech giving, the raccoons eating, the I’m a your new best friend talk, and some I’m forgetting. I’m surprised there wasn’t a PMS joke in there somewhere. The one thing that sets it apart from a The Hangover is that it’s for women and therefore it used a little more heart. The heart appeared at the end in all its wonderful shining glory. It worked.

It’s a very good “woman” comedy. It shows women can have similar comedies to men, but not the same. Not for me. Women are good with so many things, but it’s men that make me laugh until I tear. That’s based on me being male and understanding the jokes that deal with males. The sexist line that can be toed if one wants to read it that way.

Bridesmaids is good. It was worth seeing. People who like R-Rated comedies will enjoy it, no doubt. It’s hard not to enjoy it for the most part. Yes, it’s a little long, but it makes up for that with most scenes. See it and laugh, what more could you ask for?

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