Survivor Redemption Island E9. Magic Feathers, Two Voted Out and a Cult, Oh My

On Redemption Island
Matt talks about Fool Me Once…quote. I mentioned that last week. Yay for unintentionally predicting something. He feels like a moron for allowing them to take advantage of him. He speaks to God. He thinks that God will use his stupidity for his glory. Yeah, sure. He helps you as much as he helps Jacob win American Idol.

David believes that Boston Rob’s move to vote out Matt was great. He made sure Mike said Boston Rob, not “them” because it’s Rob who is in control. Julie fails to see how they’ll break through their alliance.

Ralph is a mentally retarded hillbilly. That’s a messed up trio of screwed. He’s scared of being voted out and stupidly opens his mouth to ask where he is on the chopping block. Ashley and Natalie say they don’t know. So Ralph decides to butter up Ashley and say he’d vote for her if she were in the finally three. She refuses to tell Boston Rob. Therefore, Natalie decides to tell Rob.

Boston Rob tells his alliance of followers not to speak to the other tribe about the game. He wants his alliance to be hated by the other tribe so it makes him look good. Though that is not what happens. David notices what he’s doing.

When Boston Rob finds out about Ashley he removes her from being in the top three and puts in Phillip with Natalie. He’s becoming obnoxious in a terrible way. He’s putting his hands too far up all his team’s butt. This is the problem that Russell had and lost because of it. Boston Rob has turned into a control freak and we are now witnessing his undoing.

Phillip is wearing a feather that appeared out of nowhere. He is not only annoying because of his lame stupid long winded rants about how awesome he is without using the word awesome, he’s eyes are slit like a drugged out druggy. And yet, good TV.

He wears that feather as if he’s Dumbo and he’s about to take a flight of fancy. I wish he’d hit a brick wall. Hard.

4 tier immunity. Only a few move on.

First six to break tile move on.
Boston Rob

Get water, crawl under, and spit into a bowl. First three.


Puzzle time. Out of all three David is great at this.

Grant wins. Shocker. Didn’t see that coming at all.

Mike tries to talk to the other tribe, but Boston Rob has them on lockdown. The flagpole looks like it has moved, so David and Mike start digging there. Boston Rob’s paranoia kicks in and him and Phillip run back, get shovels and dig there. They find nothing. Mike milks it for all it’s worth being facetious and mocks them for their need to swoop in to find nothing.

Boston Rob’s need to make sure he knows where all HIs are is not only asinine, it’s stupid and is ruining him mentally. He needs to let it go.

Boston Rob wants to vote out someone that’ll beat Matt at Redemption Island.

Tribal Council
Julie says it’s obvious who is on the bottom of the other tribe. Jeff asks who it is. Phillip.

Phillip projects his not offended in an awkward way by saying he likes being on bottom because he can look up at what’s going on. He’s too stupid to win and exhaustingly weird. He says his tribe is his family.

Queue Julie: Matt thought y’all were his family, too.

I liked her from the onset, but her showing she’s got powerful ovaries makes me like her even more. She’s not afraid of Boston Rob. He’s not scary. No one should be afraid of him.

Mike says that Phillip’s feather is a show of insecurity. Phillip gets defensive. It’s not even fake defensive. It’s true defensive.

Mike gets all the right votes and is gone. Phillip gets the other votes.

Mike is on Redemption Island.


Boston Rob tells Phillip that he’s at the top for him. Phillip likes that. Boston Rob wants him in the final three, not calculating Redemption Island into his plans at all. Phillip tells the camera about how Boston Rob is taking him because he’s acting crazy. Okay, great you know that, but you’ve yet to stop him. You’ve done a lot of talking about how you get what’s going on and have done absolutely nothing to stop Rob. You’re an idiot. Stop placating and start doing. Telling the camera he knows is no better than not knowing.

Ralph wants to talk to Phillip, but Rob told them not to talk and they are morons and not talking. Haha. God.

Immunity Challenge
Hang from a bar. Last one hanging…wins immunity.

White rock, black rock. Each person gets one. Black rock means you’ll play. White means eat.

Phillip and Steven going to eat cheeseburgers. Jeff says they had better taste good; they’re both giving up immunity for the burgers.

Phillips mocks David. David shrugs it off. It ends up being David vs. Ashley, Natalie and Andrea. The Three Stooges who need Boston Rob to tell them when to pee. David drops. The girls talk. Andrea asks to win this one. Natalie and Ashley drop without having to get Boston Rob’s approval. Amazing.

While David was holding on Phillip said that one of his legs were going to be decapitated. For someone that’s supposed to be so smart, how can he be so stupid? Moron. Moron. Moron. Three times for his greatness as a moron.

Boston Rob is glad that they won because he doesn’t want the other tribe to have any momentum.

Ralph is excited over the fish he caught. Julie helps him collect them. Boston Rob tries to down play their great catch by saying that the fish were not worth eating. He commands his tribe not to partake. Grant goes and eats some fish and says that he’s not part of a dictatorship. He’ll do as he pleases. That’s until tribal council.

I have never seen a merge like this. The tribes are so split it’s as if they’re still living on different beaches.

Another Tribal

Phillip says that he ate and he won’t apologize for it. That means he feels guilty. If he didn’t feel regret for eating, he wouldn’t have mentioned it.

Steven sat out because he’s sure he’s going. So he wanted to eat. Julie calls Boson Rob’s tribe a cult. Rob’s face shifts to a dark look for a moment. He didn’t like that. This means I like it a lot. He’s holding on to his alliance so tight someone is going to slip through and ruin his shiny little final three.

David says that it’s probably best to be on Redemption Island and fight your way back. I love that thought.

Rob gets a few votes, but David takes the bulk because Grant is a follower and does as he’s told. Ashley whispers, “Then there were three…” She doesn’t get that Redemption Island isn’t a place where no one can come back from. Someone will come back and they will be someone that does not like her. Stupid.

I just hope Matt wins his way back again. I want to see Boston Rob’s face when he does it.

The Caustic Survivor Fan has spoken…

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