Survivor Redemption Island - E8 - Fool Me Twice…

On Redemption Island…Matt is glad to see Sarita. She gave him information about her ex-tribe. Matt likes the sharing everyone’s done. He toys with the idea of flipping.

Boston Rob reads the tree mail about all of the tribe going to the duel. They figure it’s going to be a merge. Phillip doesn’t want to bring his stuff. Boston Rob says that it’s better safe than sorry. Something Rob forgets later on.

Mike is ready to stomp Boston Rob out of the game.

Matt cut his foot and is afraid of the challenge being an endurance challenge. Low and behold, it is exactly that kind of challenge. Small foothold to smaller foothold to, finally, smallest foothold. While Sarita and Matt try to concentrate on staying up on the foothold that barely gives them something to grab hold of, Phillip recites something about a code for 22 minutes.

Sarita falls. Matt wins. He’s back in the game.

Everyone drops their buffs and merge to live on a different part of the island. They have to remake their shelter, but they got lots of food, including chicken. What will be their name? Boston Rob opens his mouth and he says Murlonio means…whatever in Spanish. The oohs and ahhs of how great that sounds and they decide to use it as their team name. But, of course, Boston Rob doesn’t know what he’s saying in Spanish because it’s not Spanish. It’s a name that’s an inside joke between him and Amber. Amber would be so proud. I would love to see her face seeing that name for the merged tribe. Ha.

Mike wants to get Matt in his pocket as well as Andrea. Mike says he trusts Matt wholeheartedly. What? How can you trust someone you just met with so much heart? Really?

Matt and Andrea talk about controlling the game (which would be similar to Boston Rob and Amber), but we’re dealing with a weak-minded Andrea. She’s nowhere near as strong as Amber. She’s too into doing as she’s told by Boston Rob the abusive boyfriend type in this relationship.

Matt still feels like he’s been put there for a reason. He loves his old tribe, but he wants to make a big move. They’re reading the bible. Mike is reading it. Boston Rob doesn’t like it. He wants Mike out. Too much liking going on for his liking. Too much God’s Will for my liking. It’s a bit suffocating.

First Individual Immunity
Balance on a log, hold a plate with ball and then balls…person that drops any--out. Last one standing with all their balls (haha) wins Immunity.

Phillip is already rocking. Weird. He sucks. I got rhythm, he says as he wobbles and stays in the challenge.

Julie out first.

Can’t believe Phillip’s still in it.

Boston Rob.

Mike vs. Natalie. Mike never moved…ever. He starts to move because of a fly that lands on his ball? Maybe Natalie is shaking. Natalie wins first Individual immunity. That’s a win. Women tend to win these.

Mike thinks that if he doesn’t snag Matt and Andrea he’ll go home. Ralph says he’ll use immunity idol for him if necessary. They decide to vote out Grant instead of Rob.

Matt speaks with Rob. Matt talks about God, how he thought about switching and how Mike might have an idol to protect him if he flipped. Matt says to vote out Steve. Boston Rob likes the idea to his face, but decides to vote out Matt again.

Mike sees a paranoid Matt and uses that to try to pull Matt in to vote out Grant.

Boston Rob tells Andrea they’re voting for Matt. She was burned by him before and doesn’t know if she should trust him again. Therefore, she decides that it’s the best idea in the world to trust a proven liar. She’s a moron.

Dave talks about throwing a challenge (because his intelligence was challenged and he had to prove he’s not dumb) and Phillip says they’d never throw a challenge, that’s stupid.

Matt is the man in the middle. Ralph says that they might vote Matt out again. How perceptive.

Ralph decides to play HI for Mike. That doesn’t matter because NONE of the votes are for Mike. It was between Matt and Grant. Grant would have gone home, but Matt chose to vote Steve instead of Grant. Matt’s back on Redemption Island.

And Andrea is a dumb, stupid woman. She could have flipped the game on its head, but she decided to be safe and sorry.

And Boston Rob? Moron. Because if Matt makes it through, that’s that for Boston Rob, he ruins his chances of winning this game. Matt will win and who will Boston Rob have to blame? Himself.

Lol, Matt says he’s not very good at this game. This reminds me the saying, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” and then “fool me three times…I don’t deserve a million dollars.” Hopefully he can catch on and win. He needs to realize that being loyal (according to the Bible) is what one is to people who are loyal in return. When they prove to be disloyal, being loyal to a past relationship they’ve pissed on isn’t necessary. Meaning, Matthew, do not trust Boson Rob when you return. Any loyalty you thought was there wasn’t there when you returned and sure the hell isn’t there should you return again. In fact, it’ll be in the negative.

So CLOSE! Ralph gave a huge hint on what to do and Matt still went with the ignorant move.

I know that people are like OMG Matt is stupid, but I’m like OMG Boston Rob is stupid. He caught on with the HI, but he hasn’t caught on with the human spirit of determination. He thinks that Matt can’t do it again. He said better safe than sorry to Phillip. He should have kept that in mind when deciding who to vote out. Better safe than sorry--keep Matt and get rid of others and then blindside him after using his loyalty. It appears that Matt screwed up (and he did) but if one really looks at what happened, Boston Rob made the biggest mistake of the entire game. No one will top this mistake. It won’t go down as the stupidest move like having two idols and being named James who holds a snuffed out torch as all America groans, but it will be remembered as Boson Rob’s moment where he lost all chances of winning a million dollars.

PS. Boston Rob has made it a goal to make tribal council a calculating event instead of an emotionally stupid on. He failed to reach that goal this tribal council. This is the first time Boston Rob voted to appease his ego.

The Caustic Survivor Fan has Spoken…

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