Survivor Redemption Island E.11 The Dumb Just Follow

All the players who are in the majority are comfortable and stupid. Grant is waiting for what? He thinks he’s going to be in the top 3? Really? What gives him that idea? Rob’s keeping Phillip. Proof enough he is only thinking of him more than he’s thinking of taking anyone to the end that deserves it.

Phillip is an idiot. There’s no acting going on here when he doesn’t accept an apology from Steve who didn’t have to and shouldn’t have apologized to begin with. Phillip tries to molest himself with calling himself a genius. He’s a freak.

A smart freak that has this entire Domingo Montoya thing going on with the six finger sword guiding him to his red shorts. Chalk it all up to his visions. Or the fact that Julie gave a huge hint to where it was.

The girls are the majority in this when their tribe is last standing. Majority even when it’s 3 to 3 because they can convince Grant to vote with them, but they’re not smart enough to make the first move. They be the dumbest young girls since the Peanut Butter Twins.

Redemption Island

Matt is sad still. Julie says she got a good night sleep. Matt thinks that God still has him there for a reason. However, he doesn’t see the reason.


Jeff makes the point that Matt’s been on Redemption Island for 21 days, more so than he’s been in the actual game with a tribe. Matt says he’s at peace, so whatever happens…happens.

Game: Shuffle Board. First two to have 3 pucks in the end zone wins.

Andrea makes eye contact with Matt. Matt gives her the stink eye. She has a difficult time getting that he does not like her because she’s a douche bag of a woman. A stinky one. One that no one wants to touch. A MORON.

Mike has a huge lead. Matt doesn’t get much. Julie gets on the board. But when one thinks Matt’s gone and out, he ends up coming back and winning. Mike to take second and Julie burns her buff and goes to the jury.

She hugs Matt and says it’s meant to be. She’s awesomer than anyone that’s left in the game.

Jeff asks Julie why she’s in the game. Julie says it’s because her house is in foreclosure. She knows that her girls are proud of her. Matt inspires her to go home and find a church. That’s neat.

Andrea opens her stupid mouth to say something stupid and cowardly and it’s not worth commenting on. Oops, already did. She is too dumb to be human.

Grant brings up getting rid of Andrea. Rob thinks it’s an interesting idea. She might flip to go with Matt. Does it matter? Matt will win immunity and stick around, most likely. He’ll win. Maybe he’ll automatically be in the final three .haha. Ooh that wouldn’t be good.

Logroll and reward…Chocolate cake and milk. AND a twist.

Grant vs. Boston Rob
Grant wins.

Andrea vs. Ashley
Ashley wins

Ralph vs. Steve
Ralph wins

Natalie vs. Phillip
Phillip wins

Grant vs. Ashley
Grant wins.

Ralph vs. Phillip
Ralph wins.

Grant vs. Ralph
Winner of immunity…Grant…and chocolate cake and milk.

Grant picks one person. He picks Rob. Shock. That’s a big tell. He picks Andrea because he wants her to feel comfortable before they slit her throat. .

Twist is brought to tribal council.

They had two minutes to eat as much as they could.

Andrea thinks that Ralph or Steve is going home. She isn’t even thinking about after those two leaving what will happen? Why? Because she’s a MORON.

Ralph is sad that he might go home. He hopes the surprise helps him.

Boston Rob wants Ralph gone and Steve to stay. Steve is weak and Ralph is strong.

If twist vote two people out…Ralph and then Andrea.

Steve talks Ashley and Natalie about voting out Rob because he’ll take Phillip to the end not them. DUH. They are so stupid. The girls are like the hollow headed twins. They run off and tell daddy Rob. This game is full of the dumbest non-thinking people ever.

I say that every season and I mean it every season. They just one up each season.

Tribal Council

Steve tries to stir stuff up. It doesn’t work too well. Andrea talks like a cult follower. No reason came out of her mouth. Steve tries to get them to vote out Rob, but it doesn’t work.

Ralph is voted out.

The twist…another Immunity Challenge and then vote someone else off. Memory game.

If Steve wins this will be awesome.
But he doesn’t win. Rob wins.
Steve gone.

These idiots now have to get rid of each other. Now they try to get to be the final three, which three of them get kicked out…

…and hopefully Matt ruins all their plans.

Four are at Redemption Island. Steve, Ralph, Mike and Matt.


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