Survivor Redemption Island E10: Steve vs. Phillip

On Redemption Island Matt prays about the toll the game is taking on him. David walks up and throws Matt for a loop. They don’t know how it’s going to work with three and the duel. They fall into joking about the new name for the duel being Trial or Truel. Haha, they be funny.

It’s a Steve vs. Phillip Episode. Steve hopes that Phillip’s tribe mates are annoyed with him as much as he is.

Phillip meditates on a rock and talks about his great trust in Rob and he mumbles on about something else. He so drinks salt water. A lot of it.

Steve, Julie and Ralph eat a big bowl of rice because that’s how they want to eat it. Phillip gets pissy over how they eat so much rice, so he decides to steal a few cups of their rice. He’s a jealous retard. Notice, I avoided typing out crazy, though he could be retarded crazy.

Duel of 3 on Redemption Island
Matt vs. Mike vs. David
Everyone is watching them.

Matt says shame on him again. Rob and Andrea looked like guilt slapped them in the face, hard.

They had to make a house of tiles. Loser is out for good and on the jury. The other two get to stay to fight another day.

Mike zooms off and is first. David tries to get second, but Matt finishes before him. David is the first member of the jury.

Boston Rob is upset that Matt didn’t lose. Matt says he’s getting closer and closer to take Boston Rob out.

Boston Rob’s rice is full of maggots. Rob says to ask the other tribe if they could put what their rice together. Phillip whispers that he wouldn’t want to do that. Then he flips out when Steve says no. He starts talking about how terrible humans they are for saying exactly what he said he’d say. He’s all about both tribes’ rice being one. Ignoring the fact that his tribe doesn’t treat the tribe as one, so why should the other?

Phillip wanted to save their good rice, but Steve said no and that Ralph wouldn’t want it either. Phillip then turns it racist. How Steve is a racist because he called Phillip crazy. Yeah and what are you Phillip for hating on Steve? By you’re definition a racist. I don’t feel sorry for people that put themselves into positions and then get mad at the position they’re in. Phillip put himself in that conversation and then gets mad he’s in the conversation. He’s an idiot.

He pouts in his chair about how they’ll come and beg for rice. Oh, and he dropped the N word several times. Really classy as if he’s the Gary Busey of Survivor, except Gary doesn’t yell or shout racist terms in hopes someone else thinks the person they’re shouting at is racist.

Steve drops voting off Phillip to Rob and Grant. Rob couldn’t believe that Phillip took rice into a racial direction. They were having fun with singing and he turned it into a serious ordeal.

Spin and pull off a disc to put a puzzle together on it while dizzy. First six.
Boston Rob

Next round
Puzzle around the puzzle they already finished.

Andrea makes a great lead with Boston Rob. Steve just barely lost. If Boston Rob slipped only for a second, Steve would have won. Boston Rob wins immunity.

Steve hopes that two will flip and help vote off Phillip.

Julie takes Phillip’s swim trunks and hides them in the sand. Phillip goes off about his shorts missing. Every time he turns his back, Ashley said either go away or made faces.

David came in as the first jury member.

Phillip calls Steve the thief of his clothes. Then the topic of race and N word came up because of the rice. Phillip’s eyes make him look more Chinese than black. To add a bit of Eastern flavor to this one-man race war.

Phillip uses the phrase “Certain type of people” because he didn’t want to say white. Why? He knew if he did, he’d be even more of a hypocrite then the little bit he is for just saying the phrase. Nah, he’s still a big, fat, pink underwear-wearing hypocrite. This is a sounds like therapy session for Phillip (wrote it before Jeff said it). He talks about the woes of his life as if this should excuse his terrible behavior. Steve speaks up on NFL team and how he played with a majority of black players.

Jeff says if it were a therapy session, they made a breakthrough. See them next time. He asks who took the shorts. Julie speaks up and says she took the shorts.

Phillip got some votes, but Julie is voted out. She gets up and says to Phillip, “Guess you’ll never find your shorts.” haha. He tried to control his face, but it didn’t work. She got to him.

Phillip should have been voted out. That’s just how it is, allowances for minorities to say what they want. Haha. Had to.

Anyway, Rob continues to make mistakes. He’s really good with controlling the social aspect, but when it comes down to the new grooves in the game, ie. The Hidden Immunity Idol last time, he fails to catch on fast enough and loses. That’s his BIGGEST weakness and it’s a doozy. He doesn’t know how to work around Redemption Island and just like last time with the HI, I predict that RI will come back and bite him in that Boston hat and that will be that.


The Caustic Survivor Fan has Spoken…

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