“Scream 4” It Made Me Roar

Genres: Suspense/Horror and Sequel
Running Time: 1 hr. 43 min.
Release Date: April 15th, 2011 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for strong bloody violence, language and some teen drinking.
Distributors: Dimension Films

Director: Wes Craven

JJ Rating: B+

See it again: Maybe.
Own it: Weird, I own one of the screams in an effort to own them all, so maybe?
Recommend it to: those that are fans of the series, because there’s a lot to reflect on with previous films.
Worth seeing in NYC: Yes, sir.

Great use of previous films
Good humor
Some good acting

A little too much cheese.

Ghost Face is back again…is it tiresome yet? Scream 4.

The good thing about the Scream Franchise is that it doesn’t take itself seriously and that makes it that much more enjoyable. Saw tend to take itself too seriously with its moralness. Though I like Saw for its moral fight, I don’t like it because it muddles in (as the beginning of Scream 4 points out) in too much gore. I don’t agree with the moral fight in it, but at least I can understand where they’re trying to come from.

The first Scream came out when I was in high school and that’s a long time ago. Different President, different money situation, different time allowance, before 9/11, before any major school shooting…1996. Before a lot. So much happened since that time. Wow. Anyway this isn’t about my reflection on the past forever. I wasn’t old enough to see it on my own if the movie theater did their jobs, which they hardly ever do. I love Alamo for its age restrictions. I think I might have rented it to catch up to see the second one…maybe? Or the third one? When I was a teen, I wasn’t into movies as much as I am now. Too much memory baggage.

Moving on.

Scream 4 is fun. I loved the premise. I loved the new characters. Loved the beginning, it worked so well and was ingenious. And those cameos were to die for. I even added an extra picture because Hayden Panettiere looks so incredibly hot with short hair. Women have to find the right way to put their short hair to make it work and boy did she work that hair. I think I had a bigger crush then Rory Culkin’s character. And maybe it had a little to do with her attitude. It was great to see Adam Brody again. Every time I see him I feel sad for “The O.C.” that would be over now anyway. Lucy Hale (the main character of this one) did a good job. Best is her disgust for Trevor (Nico Tortorella)

The throwbacks in the film to the previous Scream are great. I love catching what it pulled from and I’m sure those that love these films even more liked it even more. I knew enough to go ooh like a monkey (which is okay I call myself that because one I’m not black and two if I were black I could still do it) and probably miss a lot, but still enjoyed Scream 4.

The Trinity of Scream Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox return to their original roles, but not as main characters, but as supporting cast to a new set of characters. They were great. I had no problem with squinty Campbell (who looked pretty, pretty, pretty), Constipated Thinker Face Arquette or Rise Eyebrow Mean Lady Cox. They did what they’ve done in the other films. I liked it then and I like it now.

What I didn’t like about is the over the top cheese factor toward the end. It’s hard to explain without giving it away. Let’s see…I didn’t like how a character tried to manipulate the situation. The manipulation took too long and it looked too corny. I understand that it’s supposed, but even nachos can be too cheesy. The ending sans that problem was fantastic. I loved every silly, great, Scream moment. It was picture perfect for what I assumed they wanted.

I recommend this romp of fright to those wanting a good pop movie or those that liked the others. It’s worth the money. I didn’t scream with horror, but I did scream with enjoyment and in some circles and situations that’s so much better.

I write like: James Joyce

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