E6. American Idol Top 8

Theme: Songs from Movies

A Rockin’ Star
Gold Star
Better than Pleasant
Pleasantly Pleasant
Eh...I yawned
Soooooo…Who’s Next?

Paul - 01 - Soooooo…Who’s Next?
Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Seger
I hate, hate, hate, hate the flower suits. This is not (I repeat) NOT the three amigos. They were funny on purpose. He’s fun, but that singing was flat. Not enough personality in the singing as much as he puts into his possessed dancing.

Lauren - 02 - Pleasantly Pleasant.
The Climb - Miley Cyrus
She sounded good. Not much more to that, but at least she’s trying to be more than just there. These girls this season are just trying to be everything but who they should be. Them.

Stefano - 03 - Better than Pleasant
End of the Road - Boys II Men
I dislike this song. I wish these people would sing songs I like. I matter. I DO!!! He sang it well. Well, well. I enjoyed it. Stefano doesn’t think he can make it. He needs to change that thinking. I vote for him because he needs to stay longer than Paul and Haley. Please.

Scotty - 04 - Pleasantly Pleasant.
I Cross My Heart - George Strait
He’s so singing to those little pitter-patter hearts owned by females who love that kind of thing. The holding of the mic with two hands that way is like he was caressing it. Weird. Also, uh…I would have picked a song from A Walk to Remember. One of the songs from Switchfoot. Same tone in voice that would work well for him. He needs to hit me up. I’ll help him really make it to the finale. The road he’s on is a loss road to James. Because I will make James win with vicious voting. Ha.

Casey - 05 - Eh...I yawned.
Nature Boy - Nate King Cole
I actually like this song. Casey sang it. I didn’t really like it. He needs to listen to some Amos Lee and pick up a few pointers. That’s where he’s pointed his arrow, he just hasn’t hit the target.

Haley - 06 - Eh…I yawned
Call Me - Blondie
She worked that dress. Looks like she wore church stained glass. Very beautiful. The song was very growly. I feel sorry for the kittens she had to eat to get that growl. Or in this day in age she probably ate grannies that smoked for 50 years nonstop.

Jacob - 07 - Gold Star
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel
This is the FIRST time I heard Jacob sing and like it. I didn’t love it, but I liked it. I think this is the best he’s sang. Fantastic job. Love the control of his churchy sound that didn’t pop up as much. He still has weird faces, but I have weird faces when I dance…but it’s worse for dancing than it is for signing. One of the best of the night, that’s for sure. I can do without the mentioning of God. He has better things to do then help someone sing on American Idol.

James - 08 - A Rockin’ Star
Heavy Metal - Sammy Hagar
I hate that shirt he wore. Made him look like a round, dirty Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice is already dirty, so that’s saying enough. His performance rocked my ears. I didn’t think I’d like that song and yet I do. He’s very bendy for a someone that’s on the heavy side. I am not heavy like him and I cannot bend like that…I tried. Didn’t work. Not even a little bit.

Bottom 3
Haley, Casey and Paul

Paul is going home.

VFTW Dumbo Thoughts
Paul McDonald gave what may be his best performance yet this season by doing "Old Time Rock and Roll" with a new rose coat and a whole lot of spasms. This guy is just VFTW gold and we love it. But because he performed first, he is in real danger this week. Don't let Paul go home due to complacency. His fans are idiots and don't realize he's in trouble this week, so we have to vote twice as hard. Dial 1-866-436-5701 for the entire 2 hours and then vote on Facebook afterwards.
Paul needs us more than ever. Let's cause another shocker this week and reward Paul for entertaining us as he always does. Use DialIdol. Vote using macros. Pull out all the stops and get in as many votes as you can.

I’m sure your followers are the only ones that use DialIdol, Macros or whatever one uses to vote a lot over and over again. This is why VFTW doesn’t matter. They cancel themselves out. A real army doesn’t share their tactics.

VFTW Opinions that fall flat like their wit
This week the Idols choose songs from the movies. And they pick songs from the real classics like Boomerang, The Miley Cyrus Movie, and The Pursuit of Happyness. Has anyone actually seen any of these films? The judges responded to the fact that they’ve been too nice this season by being even nicer this week. But Jimmy Iovine debuted his nasty side when he gave the contestants song choices that they didn’t like. I’m enjoying nasty Jimmy way more than boring Jimmy. That’s what the record business is all about, making records for some idiot who yells at you to do something else. It looks like this group of contestants got together and said they’d all start to do whatever they want each week as a big fuck you. I love this group of contestants so much. Keep it up, everyone!

No one saw those movies and they somehow made millions of dollars. I want to know how to do that. No one care about me, maybe I’ll get a million dollars in a basket tomorrow morning on my porch. Come on…no one really goes to this site and values what they read? I hope not. Obama’s speech today was written better than this crap and that’s a massive backhand to VFTW, because his speeches have progressively gotten worse after his election.

Until tomorrow….or later today…

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