American Idol E8. Top 6

Theme: Carole King songs

BabyFace helps them prepare

Smoothie Goodness
Talent Shined
Good Job
Eh…not so much.

Jacob - 01 - Good Job
Oh No, Not My Baby - Carole King
I can’t decide if I like the yellow, blue and purple mixture going on…maybe it’s a bit color blind-ish. Maybe it’s awesome. I’m undecided. The bowtie looks like a five year old put it on. It’s Jacob, that’s for sure. Can’t deny that. He pushed it out this week. Pushed out like he was giving birth to the song. I’m sure whoever loves Jacob, loved this. I don’t like Jacob, but this was entertaining. He did what the judges wanted.

Lauren - 02 - Talent shined
Where You Lead - Carole King
Miley Cyrus came out to surprise her. I think I was right about Stefano being someone that got better, but I think I missed how much Lauren has grown. Wow she has ginormous earrings. I heard talent sang out tonight, that’s for sure. She got a guy on stage who is three years older. She’s 16, he’s 19. Who knew that 3 years could make an age difference sound so dirty. Ryan told him not to look at her. Haha. Aww.

Casey and Hailey
I Feel the Earth Move - Carole King
She is wearing a very rocky dress. I feel like if someone loved her they’d be her paleontologist and he’d find a something…whatever he’d find in a dig of this magnitude. I think they sing well together, but it was too much growling, but they had fun.

Scotty - 03 - Smoothie Goodness
You Got a Friend - Carole King
He has the funniest facial expressions…I know some people love it, but I find it amusing. I guess in a good way. He’ll charm those ladies until he wins…for sure. Enjoyable.

James - 04 - Jamestastic
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Carole King
The lighting is big ear funny…for a moment. I don’t know what he’s growing on his face, but it’s going to start barking soon. Some people can make it work, others just can’t. He’s part of the can’t. I feel like I went back in time to the 50’s and I’m at some sort of sock hop. It was the best of the night…bar none. Should have been the last song.

Lauren and Scotty
Up on the Roof - Carole King
They sound good together, way better than Casey and Haley, though I could hear Lauren get a tad sharp at times. It was adorable.

Casey - 05 - Eh…not so much
Hi-De-Ho - Carole King
I’m ready for him to go. It was forced.

I didn’t get to see James and Jacob singing or Haley’s solo due to the power going out. So I listened to them on Itunes after buying them all and I think James and Jacob did fantastic and that Haley was great. How they sang on the show itself, I don’t know. I could watch it online, but I’m over it. I hate watching TV online. It’s annoying and staring at my computer screen without typing is far too hard for me to do.

Bottom 3
Casey, Lauren and Haley. Lauren sits first. Casey and Haley. Casey goes home.

Now that’s really hoping or guessing…but Jacob had such a great night for Jacob and his fans that if he goes home I really will think it’s a tragedy. Right now Casey should go before him and hopefully Jacob has enough fans to keep him out of the bottom three where he doesn’t deserve to be. Lauren still needs a bit of fire under her…but she did better.

VFTW Bully Corner
Casey delivered for us, not once, but twice. In his duet with Haley, he screamed, growled and got d-d-d-down. Then in his solo performance, he did "Hi De Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)" and basically growled and talked his way through the entire performance. This guy keeps stepping it up each week and it's only a matter of time before we get back to the glory of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" again. This guy is a true entertainer. Reward him for keeping this show entertaining and picking the strangest song of the bunch. Casey is not one of the favorites (despite what his dumb fans think), so he needs help this week to keep him out of the bottom group. Haley and Jacob will get a boost from their bottom 3 trip last week, and Scotty, Lauren, and James are leading the pack in votes. That leaves Mr. Ulcerative Colitis to be flushed tomorrow unless we vote a lot. Make sure to dial up a storm for that old sweet roll, text if you have AT&T, and vote online at

Despite what this dumb site thinks, they are voting with the majority, not the minority. Though they already know that and their dumb posters are left clueless.

This is raw. I didn't edit it much.

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