American Idol E8 Top 6 Results

They went to British Consulate.

The contestants got some added advice on what position they’re in with the contest.

Great performance by the unarrested pot smoking Bruno Mars.

James is great. James is so great that I might stop voting for Scotty and just vote for Great James. Maybe. I’m thinking about it.

Bottom 3
Jacob, Scotty and Casey.
Jacob sits.
Casey goes home.

He sings.
It’s not great…sweet syrup on a pancake reason why he’s going home.

VFTW Blehness
Well that was predictable. We told you Casey Abrams was in danger and that we needed to vote hard to save him. Worsters did it. His "fans" all said that Casey was a frontrunner who didn't need our help so they didn't vote. When will people learn, Vote for the Worst is always right. Casey was never a frontrunner. At least we got to support him and his hilarious ways for 2 awesome weeks of growling and antics. His singout was also one of the best in Idol history as he just ran around and growled at everyone. We're gonna miss you, Weird Beard!
So who's the next pick? Oh we'll be announcing that on Vote for the Worst Radio tonight. It's live at 10 PM on, so tune in and find out first.
For now, tell us who you think should be the new pick.

This is what they say to offset their inability to help anyone win.

When will they learn that they’re right like a broken clock.

VFTW Haterade

Adam Lambert finally showed what VFTW has known for a long time, that he's jealous and threatened by James Durbin, who's a much better version of him. Some of Adam's thoughts on Why He's 'Over' James Durbin...

-I feel like he's trying way too hard
-his niche is so limited
-on James' performance of Heavy Metal: It felt like a copycat. I didn’t feel like I was seeing an original artist

Is someone getting jealous that James is stealing fans from his herd? While Adam (and his fans) gradually go insane, James keeps on ticking (literally and figuratively!).

Homophobic and stupid.
Oh and hating on those that twitch uncontrollably under the guise of poking fun. Anyone who can't tell they just hate on those that are not normal...those anyone are stupid. STUPID I say.

OHNO…Adam can’t have an opinion. If this is what jealousy looks like then VFTW has been jealous of American Idol from the get go.

VFTW Stupid Line of Thinking

In a Rolling Stone article that takes bits out of her new book, Kara DioGuardi admits that the producers of American Idol are the ones who send the contestants packing during the Hollywood rounds, not the judges.
During the season 9 Hollywood week one contestant was eliminated in what seemed like an oversight by the producers. "I saw her walking out of the auditorium crying," DioGurardi writes. "She was still on the judges' list. So Randy, Ellen, Simon, and I tried to fight for her, but we weren't permitted to change the decision. There was one other contestant some of us wanted as well, but there seemed to be an air of suspicion that Simon might be trying to sabotage the contestant pool in the wake of his leaving. I don't know about that, but from my perspective he was definitely trying to help the show. I felt awful for these contestants...By the end of the week I didn't have a good feeling about the mix of talent we'd ended up with, and I was right."
So basically, the producers do whatever they want and the judges are there to look like they make decisions? That's what we thought. It's also interesting to see that the producers felt that Simon Cowell was trying to sabotage the show in his last season - he clearly succeeded since we ended up with Lee DeWyze as the winner.

The producers pick who goes on their show. Shocker. Woopty do. All this whining and I thought they were complaining about the producers picking who went home on the show itself. Guess they needed something to prove they were right when they never said it to begin with…so they settled on this crap.

Bleh…bleh…VFTW….hates…how….boring….of them….yawn.


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