American Idol E7 Top 7

The ladies that were kicked off came on stage and sang some P!nk and then Paul came out to muddle some lines in a disgusting rose suits. No. No sir. Stop. The girls sounded great together. Paul ruined the nice lady thing with his voice bomb. No thanks.

Simply Great
Nicely Sang
Okay for Jacob

Scotty - 01 - Good-Good
Swingin’ - Leann Rimes
Haha, they mock Scotty’s way of holding the mic. Good, cause I would too. Haha.
The eyebrow dancing is a bit creepy, just a bit. But I don’t think that matters for the ladies that love his voice. They can close their eyes and enjoy the shift in how he usually sings. It entertained.

James - 02 - Simply Great
Uprising - Muse
They mocked him and his scarf and screaming. Haha. Nice work.
He wants to show he’s contemporary.
Wow, that was fantastic. I really loved the drums. Looking the part. Fantasticness.

Haley - 03 - Nicely Sang
Rolling in the Deep - Adele
They made fun of her growl and arm movement.
She sat and she sang and I enjoyed it for the very first time. I might even buy it.

Jacob - 04 - Okay for Jacob
Dance with Your Father - Luther Vandross
They called him a diva. He knew they would haha.
Pretty good job. Like the lightening and the suit. I won’t buy it, but enjoyed it okay.

Casey - 05 - Enjoyableness.
Breathe - Maroon 5
They made fun of his beard by wearing a fake beard. haha.
Weird with the slapping of the crowd’s hands. I liked his rendition. Rocked it out. Got a bit creepy with the brow-eye thing going on as he walked toward Jennifer and kissed her…but goodness.

Stefano - 06 - Good-Good
Closer - Neo
They made fun of him flirting. Then they showed him flirting with even the make up lady.
I liked how he moved about the stage. Not my favorite song from him, but it was still a good job.

Lauren - 07 - Good for Lauren
Borne to Fly - Sara Evans
They made fun of her accent and how much she talked. She said she had a little accent. Yeah, if little like the size of Texas little.
She did hold back a little and it’s not great. She needs some fire under that butt to make her realize if she don’t give her all, she’s out of here.

Therefore my bottom three are:
Jacob, Lauren and Stefano.

Stefano sits first.
Lauren gets nervous.
Jacob goes home.
Lauren remembers what they judges said and gives her all next week.

VFTW’s Inane Cavity
Well, it was up to us to make a new pick tonight and we got to watch everyone perform. Haley and Jacob were early frontrunners last week, but they put on boring performances this week that disqualified them. James Durbin's screeching was hilarious, but not enough. Lauren is never in the running because she's so lame. So in the end, it was down to Scotty, Stefano, and Casey. Scotty performed hilariously and Stefano's dance moves were something to love, but we just can't ignore Mr. Abrams. The growling, the singing of the instrumental parts, the humping, getting Steven to swear, and then walking right up to Jennifer Lopez and kissing her... he earned our support. So vote for Casey Abrams, because with that ulcerative colitis, he'll shit his pants if he wins. It's time to reward Casey for performances like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and everything else he's done. Now keep up the good work, Casey, and don't lose your testicles again. Because we want to keep supporting you for a long time. We'll take it away if you start being a pussy again.

So many words. What they mean to say was, “We are useless. We have to pick a person that has a huge following and pretend we made a difference. We pick Casey. We should have picked Jacob, but because we know we can’t actually save anyone from going home when it’s their turn to do so, we thought it best to stick with someone who has a lot of votes already. Proven by him not being in the bottom 3 since his save. Just sayin’.”


Until tonight…hopefully I’m right.

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