American Idol E7 - Top 7 Result Show

Stefano, Jacob, Hailey and Lauren sing “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train. Lauren and Hailey sound great together. Jacob and Stefano don’t sound so wonderful together.

Casey, Scotty and James sing “When I Ruled the World” by Coldplay. Sounded alright good.

Scotty got a cupcake named after him, Casey got a painting from a fan whose name he couldn’t pronounce or tell the gender of, and Jacob responds to the diva comments in jest.

Ha, Casey said that he was just going to breathe in Jennifer’s face instead of kissing her.

David Cook sings a song. Not my favorite David. A good David, just not a favorite. I enjoyed it mildly.

A video package of the contestants going to a baseball game, bowling and the spa. They be having fun. Good for them. GOOD FOR THEM!

Stefano joins Jacob in bottom 3.

Haley joins them

Haley is safe.

Katy Perry sings weirdness I didn’t like it. Sounds garbled in theme.

Stefano is gone.
James cries.
Stefano smiles a lot. He sings “Lately” by whoever. I don’t care right now. I wish it was Jacob going because it would make me right and because I wanted Stefano to stay one more week.

Stefano will make a CD and it’ll be good. Yes, yes it will.

Seeing that VFTW is not voting for the worst and are excited as if they’ve accomplished keeping a person who already had a huge fan base safe…they’re the Westboro Baptist Church of the Reality TV World. They can’t allow people to enjoy anything without hoping to piss on it first. They look for a rise out of those that love whatever reality show they’re attacking. However, I don’t get mad at them. It is frustrating that they are so hypocritical that it’s a waste of timing pointing out the obvious.

Maybe down the line they’ll actually pick the worse instead of marginalizing everyone making it seem like they have so many to pick from…as they do every single year.

Stefano will be as successful as he wants to be, because he has that ability after his performances on “American Idol.” VFTW does not have the ability to be more than what they’ve always been, bottom feeders. Can’t expect much growth from that, now can you?

Until next week…

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