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These are truly talented little idols. It is the season with the most talent. It’s not a matter of who is better as much as who do you like, because now it’s based on taste more than who is talented. That’s why VFTW doesn’t matter. Technically, there’s not a worse. Someone is less liked or backed by votes, but not worse. They’re all talented, even Paul.

Scotty and Lauren sing together. They sounded great.

Haley and Casey sing together. I was impressed by their singing.

Haley and Lauren looked awesome. They had great dresses on and were very pretty. Out of the four Haley was in the bottom 3. She has the best smile and personality when told she’s in the bottom. Jacob (when it’s his turn) looks like lost a ton of blood and is going to turn as white as a white boy.

Their Ford commercial had a few Idols make up as zombies. Awesomeness greatness.

Rob Reiner spoke to them about movie stuff and Chariots of Fire lyrics and humor-humor. However, if I saw him on the street, I’d never know it was him. He just looks very average and that’s a complement.

Kelly Clarkson and Jason Alden sing “Don’t You Want to Stay”. Good job, good job. Not as great as Carrie Underwood. I know, she can’t be. Ha. She’s a good singer.

“Song of Silence” and “Misses Robinson” by Simon and Garfunkel sung by James, Jacob, Paul and Stefano. They sounded good as a little band of merry idols.

Paul and Stefano join Haley in the bottom 3. Jacob could breathe and turn back to black.

I predicted right aside from Stefano replacing Jacob. I was also right that Haley wasn’t going home.

Rihanna sings a song in a dress that made her look like a pancreas. The only complement in there is that it’s cancer free. Then she danced and it looked like a fish flopping about as rigamortis sets in. That’s impossible, but if that’s what it looks like, that’s what it looks like. My brother said that she looked like a fish if a fish could stand upright. Her hair is so clownish. She’s too beautiful to look like someone dipped her head in Kool-Aid Man’s pitcher.

Paul goes home. VFTW loses. Stefano stays…because of ME!!!!

VFTW Inane Cavity

So close but yet so far. Paul McDonald had an excellent run as the VFTW pick for 6 amazing weeks - the same amount of time as Sanjaya. And he left us with his best performance ever in a new rose suit, so at least he went out on the best note he could. We'll miss his ridiculously white smile, his dance moves, and that voice. Paul, you made this season something really fun for us and we thank you for your awesomeness.

But like any other week, Vote for the Worst never quits. With the amount of fun people we have this season, it won't be hard to carry on and pick someone else. So who do we move to? Stefano has the hatred of America, but he's super boring. Is the hatred enough? Casey Abrams is hit or miss, but when he's hit, he makes VFTW more than proud with performances like "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Jacob Lusk doesn't even have to try, everything he does is magic even when he sings on key. Haley Reinhart also does VFTW proud with her growling and performances like "Bennie and the Jets." Even Scotty McCreery's wonky stares are amazing. It's pretty clear Lauren and James aren't going to be the pick yet, so which of the others should we choose?

Truth is that Paul stuck around because Paul had fans. Paul went home, because he didn’t have enough fans. He did not go home because VFTW 8 voters didn’t vote until their fingers bled or used any other mundane ways to vote (which isn’t cheating no matter what anyone says…because anyone can do what they do to vote). OMG they mentioned their molestation buddy Sanjaya. If Sanjaya cut his hair, no VFTW voting would have saved him. That’s one of the reasons he was there more so than singing or their “help”. His voice is very similar to Rod Stewart. Guess they deny Stewart’s singing ability. Oh wait, they can’t deny that. They can only state that his singing isn’t their taste. Because it’s a matter of taste this season more than it’s talent and VFTW fake writers know that.

VFTW may never quit, but they always lose.

The fact they use “super boring” proves they’re not writers. What a pathetic use of words. Growling is a boring word. Come on. I made it more fun with using cute kittens as a reason why she sings like that.

They don’t even bother trying.

Now that’s boring.

Until next week...

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