Survivor Redemption Island: EP. 4 Oh how the Mighty have Fallen

Russell shared how upset he was over being lied to. It’s like a serial killer being mad someone murdered their mommy. Come on. Fabio Clone didn’t expect to see Russell. He was really nice to Russell. Showing that Christian Care.

Agent Dumb lives up to his nickname. He sweeps up the camp because it needs that. Too much dirty on the floor of Mother Earth. Then his underwear shares too much of what he has going on in there. His tribe laughs at him behind his back. Isn’t that nice? No, but he deserves it. He realized that he’s on the outs. He and Lady in Red go Redemption Island so that Boston Rob could look for the hidden immunity idol in peace.

In Ex-Russell’s Tribe Whore Waitress and her Blond Bimbo were in the dumps over loosing their father figure. While they wallow in their own filth and misery, Farmer Bill informed everyone else about his Idol. Pride made him speak. He and Black Beauty go to Redemption Island to watch the battle.

Fabio Clone claimed that he did the challenge to honor God. I swear I try not to roll my eyes with comments like that. I do really try, but fail. It’s a domino challenge. Fabio set up his and didn’t make it. Russell almost did it, but failed. That allowed Fabio Clone to set up and do it again. As the domino blocks fell one by one, Russell’s tears started to fill up behind his eyes until the tile broke and he just bawled as if he got kicked in the balls.

Yes, Russell cried. He cried like a sore loser cry. Then he whined about how it was unfair in a game that people would choose to lose to throw him off. He who LIES about where he worked, what he did, who he is as a person got upset that people lost to lose dead weight. Hypocrite doesn’t even begin to describe him.

That wasn’t the highlight. Farmer Bill couldn’t let Russell complain about the tribe he had to open his mouth and share he had an idol and found it quicker than Russell. Then he tried to shove a foot in his mouth in hopes no one heard him. Then Russell shared with Agent Dumb and Lady in Red what was going on with his tribe. Spilled the beans. Of course, he’d do that. That’s how Russell works. The game isn’t over until it’s over. There was no need to share about the idol. Pride before the fall. Idiot.

I might have a favorite with Matt. He wins again; I will want him to return.

Russell said he wouldn’t play again. Hope that’s a lie and he would play in an All Star game.

Boston Rob decided to have a picnic. He convinced the rest of the tribe (while the other two were at Redemption Island) that it was a great idea and that they’d play some made up game. But first he was constipated. He went off into the trees to “use the restroom” and after a few trees here and there, he finally found the HI. Maybe Boston Rob is my favorite. He changed his game enough that people can’t pinpoint what he’s doing.

When Firefly found out that Russell was kicked off, she was happy he couldn’t come back and exact revenge. Whore Waitress wore bad sport as if it’s in season. Moron is also her style.

Agent Dumb tried really hard to lobby for Lady in Red with Boston Rob. Boston Rob caught on to his number collecting. The tribe is annoyed with Agent Dumb and Thor thinks it can’t go on much longer.

Firefly hopped their thrown challenge wouldn’t come back and bite them. Good thing they did win. They beat Boston Rob’s Tribe showing off their mussel. They won Bar-b-que gear and ate up a storm when they got back to their camp. Farmer Bill said he wanted to lick people’s fingers to get every last drop of yum. Captain Average said he hadn’t thought of sex in a few days and mainly been thinking of food.

Boston Rob must have an inkling that their last win was given to them. They practically were squashed this go around. You could see the pain of the lost in his face.

Boston Rob wanted Lady in Red gone. His alliance wanted to get rid of Agent Dumb. He turned on the charm and played with their idea that maybe she has a HI. Therefore, he said they should split the vote. This gives them happiness.

Lady in Red wanted to stay and she showed too much smart in her play. This smart scared Boston Rob more than the crazy that Agent Dumb displays. Agent Dumb talks too much. He talks after a loss. He talks at tribal. Everything he says is a total yawn fest. Boston Rob wanted Lady in Red gone because she’s crafty. Agent Dumb doesn’t even know what crafty is. He couldn’t catch it if it were the common cold.

When Probst read the votes, it was close. I loved that it was close because Agent Dumb gushed about being loved by the tribe. Can’t be loved if you stayed in the game only by one vote.

Lady in Red goes to Redemption Island. Can she win? Maybe. I hope not. I want Matt to use his Christian Cheesy to make it further.

The Caustic Fan has Spoken.

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