Survivor: Redemption Island EP-3 How Do You Erase a Russell Smile?

Boston Rob loved how Tribal Council went down. Everything he wanted to happen--happened. He has to convince Barbie to keep being in his alliance. However, when he speaks to her about it she fakes agreeing. In the back of her head, she said she doesn’t trust him. She’s smart. She shouldn’t.

Not only does Boston Rob try to look for a HI, when he hates them, he aligns himself with Agent Dumb. I hope it’s just for poo and giggles, because I think that is the piss poorest decision by Rob, ever. Keeping Agent Dumb around for a second longer than necessary is as dumb as him.

Oh, and the awesome thing about Boston Rob wanting to find the HI is that he’s learned to change his game. Something Russell has never done.

Over at Redemption Island Smiley is shocked that Fabio Clone was voted off instead of Agent Dumb. They are put into an old time coliseum looking thing with two people from both tribes sitting in their own non-cheering section. Old Man River and Monkey Ears from Russell’s Tribe and Blondie and Just a Blond from Rob’s Tribe.

Blondie made sure that Fabio Clone heard she didn’t vote for him or Smiley.

Jeff announced the challenge in a mild manner and throughout the challenge, he spoke softly. It was a huge change from normal challenges.

At first Smiley was winning getting the keys needed to unlock her door, but her stick went all whack. That allowed Fabio Clone to not only catch up, but also win. Smiley had to toss her buff in the fire and leave. She told Fabio Clone to give them hell.

Back at camp Blondie and Just a Blond told them the truth of what happened. Old Man River told Russell that Smiley won and Fabio Clone went home. He wanted Russell to find out that he lied when he meets Fabio Clone on Redemption Island.

Russell is an uber idiot. He caught on that his tribe decided to lose the Immunity/Reward Challenge on purpose, but he can’t plug a hole in a damn with lighted dynamite. He’s a moron. He fixes problems by making them worse. Then he aligned himself with a mouthy stupid asinine no good trashy Whore Waitress who is his megaphone during Tribal Council. Doesn’t Russell have his own mouth? Apparently he needs a Concubine (as Captain Average called those two dimwitted women with Russell) to speak his mind.

He and his Whore Waitress tried really hard to spin some of his RS to convince Firefly to vote with them. He’s the poster child for how NOT to play the game. AND his tattoo sucks.

Whore Waitress tried to trick people into thinking she had an idol, but it didn’t work out too well for her. They split the vote. 3 votes for her and 3 for Russell. They tried to Get Firefly to vote with them, but she didn’t flip. What she did was play them for the fools they are and voted as she was supposed to. Therefore, it was a three-way tie between the two idiots and Farmer Bill.

Best part was watching Whore Waitress and Russell lose their smiles when they realize that there’s a three-way tie. Even better was them realizing that Russell was going to go to Redemption island because everyone was now going to write his name down. Even better than that is Russell had to eat CROW because his comment when he wrote Farmer Bill’s name down was that it’s HIS game, now. Guess he was wrong.

Him and his nasty underarm bumps have to go to Redemption Island where he may not return. Ever. Wishful thinking.

I wonder how Boston Rob will react when he finds out he didn’t really win that challenge, he was allowed to win. That’s cruddy, then. His tribe really does suck at challenges.

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