“Paul” Black Swan is a Better Comedy

Genres: Comedy and Science Fiction/Fantasy
Release Date: March 18th, 2011 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for language including sexual references and some drug use.
Distributors: Universal Pictures

Director: Greg Mottola

JJ Rating: D

See it again: Never.
Own it: Yeah, right.
Recommend it to: atheist.

The cast

Crappy script
Uncreative with idea and how an alien looks.

Graeme (Simon Pegg) and Clive (Nick Frost) go on a road trip in America and stumble upon Paul (Seth Rogen) who is an alien. After a little bit of freaking and questioning, they help Paul get where he needs to go all the while avoiding the government. Paul.

Great cast that I have enjoyed in other films and many of them I have enjoyed in comedies. I’d list them, but that would make me dislike this film even more for its lack of actual humor that’s not degrading. It’s one thing to poke fun at people. It’s another to talk down to them. It’s a totally different thing to out and out preach hardcore to people as if they should think the way you want them to via your vision of the world. If another atheist tells me they are not preaching their views, I’m going to point them to Paul and say…yes you are. If that’s not atheist propaganda, then…I’ll shot their monkey’s uncle.

I watched. I waited. I watched. I waited. However, the humor never really came. A few chuckles here and there, but nothing worth remembering. It lacked anything original and had everything an angry atheist could dream of. They poked fun at rednecks. Oh wait, I’ve never seen that before. In. My. Life. Wow. So new. So creative. So funny---if this were the 90’s. We are no longer in that decade. Can you please update the script as you did the CGI? Seriously, give your audience something that’s sharp, witty and funny. The fact that there are people that enjoy this shows who that Rebecca Black video appeals to. Come on, don’t allow aliens to think humans are this stupid to create uncreative films and music. If I were an alien, I’d never come to this abysmal planet. Ever. It’s a disgrace to the entire universe.

The one thing that I hate the most is preachy anything, but in this case it would be preachy movies. Paul tried to push the idea that anyone (anyone, not just Christians) believing in God is stupid. That believing in aliens is smart. That cussing is okay no matter (as in this film’s case) if it’s pointless and totally unfunny. That bugged me, too. Cussing can be funny if done right. Excessive cussing due to someone never cussing before or being dirty before isn’t funny if she’s not cussing in a true to form manner. If someone never cussed before they wouldn’t choose clean cussing. The kind that is inoffensive to many. They’d go all out and say words that many would find racist, sexist and sexuality-ist. She didn’t. Her swearing was far too focused for someone that was now “freed” from the binds that bounded her.

I didn’t like it. I hope it fails and does not make all its money back. Yes. I. Do. Failure is an option and if it doesn’t, shame on America and the world for liking trash. Black Swan is funnier. I went there.

I write like: Mark Twain

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