“Limitless” ENJOYable

Genres: Drama, Thriller and Adaptation
Running Time: 1 hr. 45 min.
Release Date: March 18th, 2011 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic material involving a drug, violence including disturbing images, sexuality and language.
Distributors: Relativity Media

Director: Neil Burger

JJ Rating: B+
See it again: Yes.
Own it: I’d like to.
Recommend it to: those that like to think about fun things like what you’d be like using your full brain ability? And writers. It’s a small bit, but that bit is amusing in a writer’s way.

The visuals.
The story.
The acting.
Thought provoking.

Part of the ending dealing with a floor and tongue.

Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) a disheveled writer is having difficulty starting his book. He runs into an ex-brother-in-law who introduces him to a drug that gives the taker full access of their entire brain. Eddie uses it to its fullest only to find that it not only is deadly in excess, but so are the people that want him. Limitless.

Limitless’s concept intrigued me. I watched it and the idea blossomed in a direction I didn’t really think of. If I sat and thought about it for a while instead of a few seconds, I would have planned the entire film except for the end. The ending was unexpected because they set it up to end one-way and then flipped it. I liked it and disliked it. Creatively loved it. Stomach wise, hated it. However, the very end was a word ending. Love word battle endings. That’s why I enjoyed Michael Clayton more than I would have without it. Same with the entire film Doubt. The word battle was brilliant due to the wording and the actors involved. Bradley Cooper vs. Robert De Niro worth viewing.

I want to know what my brain is capable of on this drug. I’m curious. It did seem that the person who took it lacked real emotion and had an over abundance of ambition. However, that might harp on the person’s own desires more so than does that for all. It’s an interesting thought that the story handled well. I liked it a lot.

The sex scenes were well done. They have nothing to do with the film at all, so the scenes were snipped from the moment to the next day. It worked well. It kept with the quick pace of Limitless.

Bradley Cooper is a man’s man and a woman’s dream. A man would want to have a beer with him. I dislike most beers, but if I had a chance, I’d have a beer with Bradley Cooper. He’s exudes cool. Women see someone hot and confident. Almost to the point that if a woman cheated with Bradley Cooper, her boyfriend wouldn’t be upset. Oh, it was Bradley Cooper. Can you ask if we can have beer together and talk about you?

At the beginning, Eddie took the pill and the effects on him are internal, but the visuals for the viewers are awesome. It allowed the moviegoer to feel how it felt to be on the drug visually. It’s similar to 127 Hours visuals allowing the moviegoer to feel how he felt with his arm trapped. Feeling as one is part of the film through the visuals is important to me, more so than anything 3D can ever gives.

The last terrible thing was the trailers for Limitless. They gave away far too much in the trailers. They even revealed the end. When I watch films, I have a checklist. I remember the trailer and each scene that is in it I check off and then start to figure out the end. The stock market job is a tireless job to pick to get rich. I wished they picked something else. I guess it was to show off his brainpower.

It’s annoying that famous critics (or semi-famous) dislike Limitless due to its unrealistic portrayal of its concept. Do they watch the news? Do they see the stupid things that politicians do that no one would believe if it were written in fiction? Come on. Limitless works because it stays within a limited area without going too far out. This goes hand in hand with idiots that claim City of God is real just because it’s negative and dark. That’s not what’s real. Real comes in many different emotions and colors. I mention colors because Batman is loved for its realism, but I think people are fooled by the lack of colors as they are with Superman and not seeing him as real due to his abundant color.

Limitless is thrilling. It falls into place well and far better than I had thought. I believed I’d enjoy it, but didn’t think I’d ENJOY it. I love thinking about the concept. The ideas for this are limitless. Plus, everyone loves to think what they’d be capable of if they were a better version of themselves. As depressing as it might end up being, it’s fun for a while.

I write like: Ian Fleming

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