Amazing Race 18: EP. 5 …continued from last week

Zev & Justin were team number 8.

Kent & Vyxsin went back to find their lost fanny pack and expected it not to be there, but it was. They were team number 9. They found out that they had a thirty-minute penalty for getting on the wrong flight. Kent said they‘d have to lie about it to keep the teams off their backs. China and Japan full of respectful people that wouldn’t just take what isn’t theirs. Speaks well for them.

Everyone ends up on the train that leaves at 7pm that night.

As the teams waited three teams played basketball. Cowboys, Globetrotters and Kisha & Jen. Three on three. Cord never thought he’d play basketball with a Globetrotter.

When Kent & Vyxsin arrived, the teams hounded them about what happened. Kent stuck with the car trouble in Japan. They asked about a penalty, but Kent & Vyxsin said they didn’t know yet. Justin was perturbed that they didn’t get a penalty. Seriously? Don’t you have better things to think about than what team wasn’t whipped by the rules?

As the teams head to the Detour clue they had to hop out, get a clue and get back in their taxi. Their taxi was missing when they came back, so the Cowboys took someone else’s. It happened to be the Globetrotters. The Globetrotters were not happy, but poetic justice. They took someone’s fanny pack and didn’t give it back. Guess they get twice the justice seeing how Christina & Ron stopped their bus last episode. I like them, but this is amusing.

Honor the Past - watch a Tibet performance and put fifteen dolls in correct order. Memorization.
Embrace the Future - properly install a heating system. Strength.

Zev & Justin, Kisha & Jen and Christina & Ron all finish Honor the Past. They decided to go as a group to the next clue spot, but end up going to the wrong place together instead.

The cheerleaders had difficult time with Embrace the Future. They are a woman team and are not physically strong as the other teams. They chose a physical Detour. Unlike the Cowboys and Globetrotters that treated that Detour like it was nothing.

A Double U-Turn was ahead.
Margie & Luke did not U-Turn.
Cowboys did not U-Turn. That’s great. Two of my favorite teams passed up using the U-Turn. That is a good indication that those that use, lose.

Kent & Vyxsin arrive at the matt a few seconds before Jaime & Cara. As Jamie & Cara tell them to U-Turn the Globetrotters, Kent had a flashback about how they lost the last game where they U-Turned a team that was ahead of them. Therefore, he knew Jaime & Cara were behind him for sure, he decided to U-Turn them instead. Pissed them off, but they U-Turned the Globetrotters.

That takes balls to U-Turn someone that’s right there on the mat with you. Kent gots balls. They are an enjoyable couple.

Jamie & Cara had to do Honor the Past, as did the Globetrotters. Both teams finished quickly. So quickly that they arrived at the Road Block ahead of other teams.

Road Block
Put together a 20ft. life sized dinosaur. Paleontologist will state if it’s not safe and then the person will have to fix it before getting the clue.

Vyxsin told Jen about the penalty and Ron heard. He was annoyed that they lied. Uh, he would lie too if it would protect him and Christina from going home. Hypocrite.

Jet worked on the dinosaur, he was one of the few that actually looked at the diagram repeatedly, and was the first finished. But that didn’t matter when Gary & Mallory arrived moments before and decided that since they were last that they’d use the Express Pass and go straight to the Pit Stop.

All the teams had difficulty with the task because they had to fix what they had wrong, but Jamie had the biggest difficultly. She had something wrong when they were dead last and fixing it didn’t happen quick enough.

1st Jet & Cord
2nd Gary & Mallory
3rd Margie & Luke
4th Kent & Vyxsin -- 30 minute Penalty
4th Kisha & Jen
4th Kent & Vyxsin -- 30 minute Penalty
4th Kisha & Jen
5th Kent & Vyxsin
6th Flight Time & Big Easy
7th Ron & Christina
8th Zev & Justin
9th Jamie & Cara are the last team to arrive and they’re eliminated.

When Jamie & Cara stepped on the mat Phil said, “Jamie & Cara” and they finished “You are the last team to arrive” and he added “Sorry, but you’ve been eliminated from the race.”

Hard task that dinosaur putting together. It is an All-Star like event. It has to be difficult.
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