Amazing Race 18: EP. 4 Missed Flight and Fanny Pack Make for a Frustrating Continue On Leg

All teams had ample time to get to the airport to leave on the same flight. That happens, except with Kent & Vyxsin. Vyxsin stared at a compass and map for an hour not realizing they were going the wrong way. Kent tried to comfort her with the idea that they do not need to give up. Vyxsin decided to freak out.

Kisha & Jen remember their interaction with Luke on the last race where Jen called him a name for being deaf and unable to hear her approaching him on his side. She said she felt bad. She should. Getting mad at a deaf person for reacting to you scaring them is pretty stupid.

All the teams left at 9:50 am flight except for Kent & Vyxsin who left at 3:30pm.

Ron & Christina were excited to go to China because they speak the language. It did help them communicate easily, but provided it’s own problem because Ron continued to want to stop and eat this or that. This slowed them down and frustrated Christina.

Teams saddled a yak to ride it across a river. The Chinese men that were there helping them accomplish this wore \ HUGE hats that looked like burnt marshmallows. I guess they are warm, but they’re so ugly. So ugly that I’d wear them. I love ugly things. Cord used his cowboy hat to hit his yak in hopes it would go faster, not really. He did it because he’s silly.

The teams had difficulty with the altitude. Some felt like passing out. I’ve never dealt with altitude. I want to, now. I’m excited.

One team member must find charms for the 10 animals on the Chinese Zodiac.

Ron insisted that the clue had to do with eating. Christina was so frustrated with him. She decided to do it and commented on how her mother made her remember the animals in the zodiac. Cord had difficulty finding a rooster so he crowed like a rooster. I’m sure the Japanese thought it was amusing seeing a cowboy act like a rooster.

Mallory finished first and turned around to help Luke get his in the right order. She’s really nice in the race. Everyone finished one after the other, except Zev who became frustrated over what he had wrong.

Christina & Ron made the mistake of taking a shuttle instead of a bus. When they realized that, they made him stop and found a bus traveling that just so happen to have the Globetrotters in it. The Globetrotters didn‘t want to stop, but the bus driver did and I laughed hard because it serves them right for stealing their stuff last leg. This was poetic justice.

Kent & Vyxsin arrived to do the charms and Justin screamed to Zev that the last team had arrived. Kent told Justin that their car broke down and Justin suggested that maybe he’ll get a penalty for not taking the flight that they were all supposed to be on. I didn’t even think of that as a possibility. Good point.

Vyxsin looked at Kev’s animals and Kev got annoyed. Kev realized he had two of the same animals and fixed it. He got his clue and they were gone. Vyxsin freaked out, again, but calmed down enough to finish a few moments later.

The teams had to make a wish and put the wish in their right zodiac sign and get their next clue. The Globetrotters had the most difficult time doing that. They went through the whole list until they got it right. They are the airheads of the race. Fun, but air-headed.

Horn or hammer
Horn is leading people. Hammer making candy.

On the way to their Detour Ron wanted to stop and eat everything. Christina wanted to beat him into submission. She said they don’t have time. They have to finish. While they make the candy, Ron stopped to eat. Pissed off Christina. It is slightly amusing watching her get mad. Entertaining, to say the least.

I would love to make that candy. Looked like slamming time.

1st Margie & Luke -- YAY. Got a trip…and as I thought they are still racing. Time was running out. It seemed like they would extend the race.
2nd Jet & Cord
3rd Gary & Mallory
4th Ron & Christina
5th Kisha & Jen
6th Flight Time & Big Easy
7th Jamie & Cara

Kent & Vyxsin lost their fanny pack in the gondola.

Until next week when I get to find out if Kent & Vyxsin get punished for missing the flight everyone else got on. Funny if they are punished, seeing how they were already punished by arriving hours later. Eh…

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