Celebrity Apprentice: EP. 4 Dionne is Dethroned.

The men appear to be sick of backing up Gary Busey. Mark McGrath states it outright. Before the women walk in John Rich gets the men to hush and act cohesive.

The women enter a little sad. Star says that Niki was classy, but she doesn’t believe in giving up. Nene can’t believe that the women lost against Gary Busey.

The men sit on the couch and the women don’t bother sitting. Lil Jon says that that they were upset over losing; in essence, they were being sore losers. Yes, they do seem to be exactly that.

Star says that business is not fun, which isn’t really the case. She looks like she has a blast shooting people full of holes while pretending it’s all business and not personal.

Gary Busey goes and gives his donations to his charity. Services Head Injury Services. She is pleased. He gave her two checks for a total of $40,000.

Gary tells Trump he’s proud of the win and the criticism of how he worked. He says that win is on equal ground as his Golden Globe win and his Oscar Nomination. That’s a huge complement.

Their task is to create a 30 second commercial about a video phone for ACN. It’ll be judged by representatives.

Who is to be PM? Star and Dionne don’t step up because they suck, so Nene steps up. Lil Jon steps up because he’s done many commercials and music videos.

I just saw that Nene is on Housewives. Weird. Did not know she was on that retarded reality show. A bit redundant, but oh well. I like her. So far.

Dionne would love the commercial to be about her. The women like it until they talk to the company and what they want. They shift it to use Marlee and her deafness. Using Marlee as a deaf mother speaking to her daughter far away in Europe.

Jose Canseco makes a weird comment about aliens. Way out there, far more than Gary’s comments.

The company used EMOTION a lot in their wants. The women heard that. Lil Jon heard it, but decides to go with thinking outside the box. He wants emotion, but to be funny. John Rich comments to the camera how it was a bit risqué to do a gay angle, but that was his opinion on what the company wants. Lil Jon wants to do it where the guy says he’s engaged and in pops another guy shocking the audience and the parents seeing on the video phone. That doesn’t seem to have the emotional appeal that the company wants. However, Lil Jon is smart. Very smart. We’ll see.

Nene tries to get everyone to do something, but Hope and Latoya didn’t offer much. Latoya had vision problems and resorted to doing the time keeping. Hope says she’s great at picking props. That’s what anyone can do. Seriously…Dionne thinks that Nene is doing great (change of heart later). Star is happy she is doing the presentation (but she can’t do it all, apparently).

So far if the men win this is crazy land indeed.

Lil Jon decides to use Gary as the grandfather. He thinks Gary is a great actor, but he’s all over the place. Meat Loaf tries to speak with Lil Jon about what they’re doing and Gary continues to interrupt and not understanding who is in charge and why.

Nene is director. Marlee is assistant director. They wait for Hope and Dionne to get back. Hope and Dionne are not doing too great with the prop picking. I just realized that La Toya is the right way to spell her name, but since I don’t like the space and I’m writing it and that matters it’s Latoya. Oh well.

Marlee comments on how people are not stepping up to the plate to do more than just their job.

Jose gets make-up and Richard loves it. Jose says that he’s sacrificing a lot. His father is going to be mad at him. Lil Jon hates Mark’s purple couch. Richard picks the gay clothes cause he’s gay.

Nene says Dionne the diva makes an argument out of any and everything. For no good reason.

Nene loves shouting quite on the set. Nene says that Latoya couldn’t tell what time it was. Latoya thought she could do more and that the women were underestimating her. Yeah, ok. Show it.

I think the women won. I don’t see how the men can.

Ivanka looks in on the men and Lil Jon doesn’t want to share his commercial just yet. He doesn’t even explain the premise. She says that’s a first. Ride or die, they know that it’ll work or it won’t.

Gary says he knows what he’s doing. What you see is what you get. What you get is a surprise. Yeah, bathrobe surprise. Scary.

Nene wants people to stick around in the editing bay for support. Dionne, however, doesn’t want to and says she can leave if she wants to because she’s old. Really, she says the matriarch, but that’s still saying old, just in a more pretty way.

The women are more professional and serious, while the men are very frat like. Lil Jon says that if the reps don’t like it, then they be square.

Star suggests that Nene help with the presentation, while adding to the camera that OF COURSE she could have done it all. Any time someone says of course they could, they mean they don’t have confidence they can or they would. She says her job is to talk, that’s right. That’s all she seems to be good at. She tries to ruin Pms just in case she needs to use it in the Boardroom. She believes they knocked it out of the park.

Lil Jon does the presentation and he pumps up that audience so well that I think that mainly sold his commercial more than anything. Lil Jon believes they won.

Life without boundaries. Sometimes you just have to see it.

The votes were very close…

Great stage presence for Lil Jon. Richard Hatch thinks they won, even though the women did well too. Richard says Lil Jon did a great job, thinks it was timely, and hip. Memorable. Lil Jon says that people that succeed are those that take chances. He says that if ACN doesn’t like it, then they need to change their slogan (Life without boundaries). Jose is afraid to hear from his dad over the commercial. Meat Loaf said no one was a weak player. Ivanka says that she saw a lot of harmonizing on the team and gave credit to Lil Jon. Lil Jon did do an excellent job.

Nene cries. I think she wishes she had that support. Star and Dionne says that Nene is ok. Dionne says that Nene did a great job. ACN loves the emotion and heart of their commercial. Star says that Nene put her heart and soul into the commercial and that’s why she‘s crying. Nene wants to win because of her charity, women of domestic abuse.

Who is going to win? I would love if they both won. That would be awesome.

Marlee loves Nene and her work. She says that she is awesome and one of the best directors she worked for. Marlee is her new resume, that’s what Trump says. Take the clip and show people what an Oscar winner says. Trump asks if Dionne went home early. Dionne didn’t think she could do anything at the editing bay. Dionne says that she’s old and deserves to go wherever. Nene says Dionne wasn’t being a team player. Star called out Hope and Latoya over their inability to do much. Nene rolls eyes over Latoya talking about what she can do. Marlee says that Latoya is a follower not a leader.

They liked the lady’s because of the brand and the love.

Men had sense of humor, it could go viral and creative.

Vote very close. Both were great. 53 - 47 the vote. The men won. United Methodist Children’s Home is Lil Jon’s charity.

Women lose. Not Nene. She can’t go. Not Marlee. Not Star. Therefore Hope, Latoya or Dionne should go.

Lil Jon is happy he won. That they won, but his charity gets the money.

Star says that they pull together. However, Trump points out that the women were at each other’s throats just a moment ago. You lost. Third week in a row. The men took a risk and the women did something similar with what the company already had.

Star says that not everyone brings the same skill set to Apprentice. Latoya and Hope are just followers instead of leaders. Trump says that Latoya not to be a leader when she needs to be a follower.

Marlee who doesn’t contribute? Latoya.
Nene who can the team do without? Dionne. Men enjoy the show.

Dionne thinks the girls are scared of her. She’s earned respect, but not abusive respect. Dionne comments about how “If I had been in her position” …SHE ISN’T PM EVER. She says that she asked to leave. No she didn’t. She stated she’s leaving and then tells the camera how she can go wherever she wants because she’s wrinkly.

Hope, who should be fired? Dionne. Ooh.
Dionne who would you fire? Me. Really….what up? I’m being beat up on. Woe the poor me that is being crapped on by people that don’t appreciate me. Cry over me. Please. APPARENTLY-- a word what she uses to be a big baby.

Star has to speak up. She doesn’t get why people quit on their charity. Trump says that sounds like they are against her. Two people. Not everyone wants to get rid of Dionne. I agree with Star a lot. Dionne says she can go forward but then states she can go. Makes no sense. Dionne deserves to be fired. She is.

Before she gets on the elevator and after Nene hugs her, she says Nene lied and is a coward. Dionne is a cowered. She can’t be a positive force at all. Angry ball of star power that didn’t fight for her charity.

She doesn’t think that firing her was right, even though she said fire me. Dionne doesn’t like crazy, unless she farts it. Yeah, that’s true.

I leave you with Donald Trump’s scowl. Maybe he needs to fart. Until next time…

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