Celebrity Apprentice: EP. 3 It Is What It Is

Gary Busey is loaded with ADD tendencies. Add that with heart on sleeve and there’s a complicated mixture of someone that wants to do as he wants, but wants everyone to be considerate of his feelings more so than him of theirs.

Gary has a discussion with Meat Loaf over lack of focus. Gary said what he wanted and when Meat Loaf countered, Gary walked away displaying that lack of focus. Meat Loaf didn’t want to argue, so he dropped it and said Gary was right.

Star complained about her own actions with her breathing problem loud and clear. Nene talked to Star and told her to stay out of the PM’s way and just do her job. Star said she would do that. Nene said she wouldn’t be able to. She’ll try to take over again. And she does.

Marcus with Camping World said that they’d create an outdoor camping experience that displayed Camping World’s products. They’d be judged on brand message, originality and over all presentation.

The men argued over who was to be PM and ended up with the unfocused Gary. Niki stepped up for the women. Nene said she’s black and she’s never slept outside. She be funny.

The men liked the bigger band like RVs and the women liked the smaller RVs. They didn’t have to negotiate.

The entire task Jose Canseco did nothing. He also said he didn’t like the RVs the men picked or the song that John Rich created for Camping World. He was turning into a Diva by the name of Dionne Warwick, who, by the way, stayed the same complainer as before.

Niki created the Twenty First Century theme. Niki was supposed to speak with Marcus; Star took over and asked questions as if she was the PM, which she wasn’t because she didn’t have the uteruses to stand up. She even interrupted Marlee while her interpreter was talking. Idiot.

Lil Jon suggested that they’d do different experiences. Gary talked over Lil Jon and that pissed him off. Richard Hatch said that he could read people, but Gary was difficult read.

When the men met with Marcus, Gary asked nothing, while everyone else asked questions. Lil Jon said that was not very PM like. I thought it would be great if they somehow used Richard Hatch a Survivor player, but they didn’t.

Women arrived at Camping World before the men. They went around and picked this and that. Dionne walked like a zombie and picked up few if anything. She’s really not much help.

John Rich sang a song in the van to Camping World. Of course, Jose didn’t like it. Richard mocked country and pissed off John. John Rich stood up for his fans.

Dionne complained about Niki as PM. Dionne doesn’t do much but complain. They say she works, I don’t see that. I don’t care if it’s on the cutting room floor. They couldn’t show her complaining so much if she didn’t complain so much.

When John Rich talked about Gary he ended up holding up a sign that said “Shoot Me!” Ha, he’s funny.

Star complained about the PM, but she didn’t stand up to be PM. She’s a scardy tard.

Mark McGrath told Gary about plants he could get. Gary said, sure sure. Then Richard told Gary about plants he could get. Gary gives Richard money and Mark said he‘d have to cancel his because there’s not enough money for the plants he got. Gary said he didn’t remember him saying anything. Jose sits through the entire thing sipping a drink as if he’s a child watching his parents arguing.

There are many mistakes flying in every direction with the men, but Gary believed that his team didn’t make a single mistake. He proceeded to state that a mistake is a gift and then the rest I have no idea. It went crazed.

Star claimed to want to solve problems instead of make them. Niki took Hope and they went to do the banners. She left Star to cause problems instead of solve them.

Ivanka checked on the men. She wondered what Jose was doing as he sat in the chair doing nothing. Gary said he’s doing great. Someone said lucky and Gary came up with:

Oh, man. He’s everywhere but in a straight line. He is harmless. He’s no Sheen. That’s good.

The men lacked a theme. Gary insisted that he had it together. He knew what he was doing.

Star called a meeting to speak with Niki on the phone. Niki hit Star head on with her observation that Star played the game without thinking of being human. Well I added the human bit.

Gary and Jose play catch. Mark took a phone and videoed them in case they lost to show that Gary and Jose didn’t do much. I wonder why no other celebrity did that in any of the apprentices before.

Niki sent Dionne and Latoya to Bed, Bath and Beyond as well as to get turf. Instead, Dionne and Latoya only go to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Why? Because Dionne is an idiot.

John lifted and moved a generator that he said Jose should have done seeing how he’s the strongest out of all the men. Gary said that he had the presentation down.

Richard said that things started to look better when the plants arrived, his and Mark’s.

Niki was shocked to see greenery on the men’s side.

The men had an ADD PM, but their stuff looked so much better. It actually looked like an experience. Lil Jon called them misfits. Very true.

I do not like seeing anyone lose for their charity, but someone has to.

Trump Jr. asked who the weakest link was. Marlee said that Dionne did as she was told, but didn’t expand and do more to help the team.

Women started their presentation. Marlee said that she put used her own personal music player for decorations, not for me I’m deaf. Har-har. Latoya did the best with her presentation. She was lively and understood the product well.

For the men I believe Mark did the best job, or so it seemed. Also, Gary had a flair for being crazy entertaining with information.

Dionne had to make a big deal about something that didn’t matter and Niki handled her beautifully. She calmly told her to shut up and go away, but with nicer words and tone.

John Rich sang his theme song for Marcus who loved it.
Gary is crazy, but he’s fun.

Marcus pointed out where a TV was on the outside of one of the RVs. Meat Loaf had no idea. Not good.

Board Room
Niki believed her team did great, but wasn’t sure they won. Trump said good sign that they lost. Marlee thought they won. They worked great together well. Hope believed that Niki was a good PM. She said there was not a lot of drama as before. Star agreed. Niki did bring up Dionne’s dumbness. Marlee also complained about Dionne. I wonder if Dionne is afraid of Marlee. I guess deaf trumps black.

Gary said his team was fantastic. Gary believed he was a good leader. Richard didn’t think so. Gary looked hurt and that’s because he wears his heart on his sleeve. John Rich thought Gary is an inspiration, but he was disappointed in his ability to focus the team. Meat Loaf also agreed with him not as a good leader, but he was good in situations. Gary told everyone about his percentage of deafness and how Marlee pointed him in the right direction to get help. Gary said that he could now hear his toenails grow. Ha, ha. Mark said that Gary was an unconventional leader. Lil Jon thought he’s a talent, but didn’t have a lot of direction and that the task was a train wreck. Gary said the weakest was Lil Jon. Which would mean he ignored how little Jose did anything.

Ivanka brought up Jose doing nothing. Jose took this time to complement people, especially John about picking up the generator. John said that stamina came from the mind instead of the body.

Trump asked John to play the theme he created for Camping World. He used a guitar that had signatures all over it. Meat Loaf and Mark McGrath joined in.

The Men won. Gary got $20,000 form Trump and another $20,000 from Camping World for Center for Head Research. So awesome.

The men walk back to the room and Gary complained to Lil Jon over what was said. Lil Jon told him not to snap at him. They both said that the other hurt his feelings. Gary really believes that people are after him. Awkward. I don’t even see that as possible. Richard tried to shake Gary’s hand, but Gary wouldn’t do it.

Niki said that she was at fault and no one else was to blame. Though very selfless, she didn’t fight for her charity, as Marlee pointed out. Trump made sure he heard her right and understood what she said, and then he fired her. She got up and walked out. Star followed and said the only nice thing I’ve heard her say that she doesn’t walk out alone. Her team will walk out with her. Most of the women thought it was a selfless act as did Trump. Only Marlee was disappointed.

Niki was passive about being fired. It is what it is.

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