American Idol E4. Top 11 Elton John Theme

First time I bought all the songs and that’s because it was cheaper than buying the ones I wanted individually. I'm so thrifty.

Good Gravy Goodness
Pleasantly Charming in a Sing it Again Kind of Way
Well Done
Under Done
A Note Better Than Boring

Scotty - 01 - Pleasantly Charming in a Sing it Again Kind of Way
Old Fashion Feeling
Sounded good. He gave a shout out to his grandma. That’s a vote grabber, as was his last note with a deep growl of home. He’s not going anywhere. I agree he has great instincts. Guitar awesomeness plucked a pluck. He’s got the country charm. One Trick Pony? Maybe he needs to show range--but if he’s a One Trick Pony, so is Jacob and all his Holy Church Goodness.

Naima - 02 - Eh…nah.
I’m Still Standing
I love the way she said fade away. However, the choruses was bleh. She can perform. That’s for sure. The song didn’t work out as she had hoped. Nopers.

Paul - 03 - Well Done (VFTW Pick, because they be idiots)
Rocket Man
I like the last note. Well done with that. He sang much better than last week. I was pleased, pleased and pleased. He’s wearing that weird suit again. Eh. VFTW don’t pick the worst. They pick who they hate. Totally not the worst.

Pia - 04 - A Note Better Than Boring
Don’t Let the Sun Going Down On Me
I’m bored with her ballad singing, but this week was way better than all the pervious weeks. I liked it. I liked it enough. Yes. I. Did. I’d say well done pig, but that would be mean. Meaner would be to say she sucks. If I were to compare the two the pig comment wins as the nicest.

Stefano - 05 - Good-Good
Tiny Dancer
I don’t know who allowed him to leave the mansion with that rainbow spit hat, but they should be shot in the balls--twice. He was pimping a I heart Coke. So not product placement. He’s wearing a vest. That’s massive cool points right there. I think this is my favorite performance from him. He did a fantastic job this week. He is my pick for most improved. He listens. I don’t want him to go just yet.

Lauren - 06 - Pleasantly Charming in a Sing it Again Kind of Way
Candle in the Wind
She wore the best dress of the night. She could play Penny’s sister on “Big Bang Theory”. Wow, this is the best she’s sang thus far. So good I might just own it. I’ll own a few tonight. Powerfully emotional.

James - 07 - Good Gravy Goodness.
Saturday Night’s Alright
He mocked himself when he saw Hulk Hogan. He’s an awesome dork. He played the crowd. He played the crowd well. Fun. Fun. Fun in the sun. Crowd pleasing greatness. Looks like Jennifer’s earring mocked James’s ears. It did. Lol he said he was afraid to have a Pepsi moment with his hair catching on fire because of the piano was ablaze (referencing the now dead Michael Jackson’s fire hair moment). Just like Sam on “Glee” has trouty lips, James has chimpy ears. Or dare I say Presidential ears. I do.

Thia - 08 - Well Done
Beautiful sounding and probably one of her better performances for me. It didn’t reach out much and I agree with Randy--it sounded safe. Still safe as in good. And in baseball that’s good enough to win at times.

Casey - 09 - Under Done
Your Song
Woohoo Casey trimmed that beard. Casey thought that they wouldn’t use the save. That’s why he was so shocked. So happy, but two go home. Ha. That’s what’s funny. It’s hard, because I really, really, really like Ewan McGregor’s version. So outside of Elton John’s own version--it’s difficult to like someone else’s and Casey’s was pretty ok good---not my favorite from him. Much better than last week’s.

Jacob - 10 - Eh…nah
Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
Mary J. Blige popped in and said hi to Jacob who loves her. Wow, that’s awesome. I like Jacob. I say this because I cannot stand his singing style. Too churchy and if anything was to make me an atheist, his singing would. The face he made on that last note is how I feel when he sings. Pain. His song is the only one I FF through and I will NEVER ever hear that song again. Ever. Unless my Itunes plays it during random play. I hate horror films because they’re not scary, but that is a scary predicament. Film that moment.

Haley - 11 - A Note Better Than Boring
Benny and the Jets
I believe, and I am saying this a lot, that this is her best performance and if I had anything to say about it, her last. I wish for her to be in the bottom and gone…if I were to pick. Only because I can’t see someone else being down there. She’s not improving or bring much of what she hasn’t already brought.

No one sang Crocodile Rock. They all suck for not picking that song.

Bottom Three
I do not know. It’s going to hurt to guess this way since I like Stefano, but I say Stefano, Haley and Niama. With Stefano sitting down and that means the two ladies go, but that’s not a true feeling of who will be there. It is my want. My feeling is Stefano, Thia and Niama. Stefano still sits down and the ladies go. I rather Thia not go, but I have a feeling she’ll be there. Hopefully not. Hopefully my want three will be the right one.

VFTW Hate Corner, Burn Them With the Steak

Paul McDonald made us proud tonight with his performance of "Rocket Man." He picked the song because he played it in his band and they did a bad job. A great reason to pick the song. But then he just sang it in that off key way we love while wearing his rose suit. And ending the song, he whispered the word "time" in such a creepy way. Loving that. Now remember, Paul was 3rd so he's in real danger of leaving in the double elimination. So vote for him 1-866-436-5703 as much as you can because we can't lose him tomorrow. Then after you vote for 2 hours on the phone, vote on Facebook after voting closes. It stays open later so you can get those 50 votes in afterwards. Maximize those votes and vote your fingers off. We can't let Paul become a casualty of the double elimination.

If Paul stays (and he will stay), they’ll take credit. As if they make up a major percentage of the people that vote for Paul. If they didn’t vote for him, he’d still stay. Why? Because he has fans and lots of them. Who, outside of crazed teenage girls, votes for 2 hours plus that isn’t lame or creepy? They think his last note is creepy. No creepier than voting for someone you just called creepy. They remind me of the idiots on the road and I’m including the Asian idiots. I’m Asian…well half from one Asian country and therefore can bash them freely. That’s how it works and I will take advantage of it. Grossly. I wonder when VFTW will actually vote FOR the worst.

Until this Evening....

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