E2. Celebrity Apprentice - Famous Women have a Lot in Common with Feral Cats

I missed the first episode and though I can watch it online, I’m most likely not going to bother. I also missed the first thirty minutes of the second episode, but oh well. The task was to create a children’s book and then make a play out of it. They perform the play in front of four and five year olds and are judged on a few criteria.

Meat Loaf is the PM for the men. He had difficulty with directions and where people needed to be, but once everything was set, he directed a great play that the kids enjoyed. The book looked awesome. The only problem he had was with Jose Conseco because he was slightly boring as the teacher. He didn’t have enough personality. Jose worried he’d forget lines and focused more on memory than acting.

Gary Busey played one of the children in the men’s play. He did a good job. His hair looks like it is everywhere but in one place.

Lisa Rinna is the PM for the women and she was thrown into the PM role because Star Jones and Dionne Warwick don’t have the uteruses to step up and do the job they complained about. They also wanted their name on the book. Star wrote the story and Dionne came up with the concept. This comes back to bite them in their big fat butts. In this case big fat head for Star. She had the audacity to state that the majority of the project was on her shoulders. Has she seen her shoulders? That real estate is taken up by her ginormous head.

Every single season Apprentice, (whether it’s Celebrity or normal) the women are the rudest, stupidest team. It’s ridiculous. They get all catty and they don’t work well together. It’s like feral cats. And when you have Star Jones and Dionne Warwick giving women a bad name in business, one has to wonder who they slept with to get where they were, because it certainly had nothing to do with talent. Nevertheless, Dionne Warwick sings so great….so does a lot of unknowns. It’s not as if she has the market cornered on talent. No one does. People just know her. That’s the difference.

One of the women on the team is named Hope Dworaczyk and when I saw that last name, I thought that someone just tossed letters at a wall and used whatever stuck and put them together.

Niki Taylor is one of the few women that gots guts and speaks her mind when everyone is against her. She said the concept was too deep. She ends up being right. Go figure…dumb women.

La Toya Jackson needs to let her age take over her face and not her plastic surgeon. She also needs to stop whining and crying. Big baby.

Dionne fought for an idea that she claimed to be all hers. An idea that is boring, stupid, uncreative and trite. But she wanted her name on it because she’s not a team player and she’s as boring as her idea. Lisa should have let her do it. Just so she couldn’t back away from being so dead wrong in the boardroom.

Star can do any and everything, but approve a cover. Why? Because she doesn’t want to be blamed for anything. She decided on the small type that NO CHILDREN’S book has. Why? Because small type is only for small-minded fools who don’t know the market, they are working in. She’s a big headed idiot. I never liked her on the View and she hasn’t changed. She’s too into herself and that’s sad considering if she were a number in a math problem not many numbers would want to be in her, just like….okay I’ll leave that alone.

Marlee Martin stated that she didn’t like Dionne because she’s difficult to work with. She said that in the boardroom. I love her. I love deaf people so much.

Gary described his character in all this detail and then stated it was just like him. Ha.

In the women’s production, the best part was Marlee and Lisa with their work on the narration. The other women looked like crap. The masks sucked. The acting sucked and they were really, really bad. Star didn’t sound like a dog at all and didn’t even look like one and one would think that would be an easy transformation.

The kids laughed and enjoyed it. I did not.

Men’s turn. Meat Loaf took the stage and told the kids he had a funny name. They laughed at his name. Richard Hatch looked like a special girl. Jose got his lines right, but was boring. Lil’ Jon was laid back and rapped up a good storm.

Meat Loaf was proud of his team and got emotional in the boardroom. He said that if his team lost that he’d bring back people that attacked him. The only problem he had was with Gary, but who wouldn’t have a problem with crazy hair man?

Dionne thought that the women won for sure. Trump said not to say that. The women lost. Dionne’s face was priceless.

Meat Loaf’s charity is the Painted Turtle. Chronically ill children. The book will be published and profits will go to charity.

Star and Dionne tossed Lisa under the bus. No one stood up for her because they were weak and stupid except for Marlee. She said that Dionne should be fired for being difficult. The best part of what she said was after Trump asked her if she knew how famous Dionne was for her singing and Marlee said that she heard of Dionne’s name, but never heard her singing because she’s deaf. Love that.

Everything that falls out of Star’s mouth is a backhanded complement. She’s the queen of condescending and yet accuses others of being condescending. Almost like VFTW getting mad over someone mocking their website.

Lisa got on my nerves. She didn’t fight back. The Trumps told her what was wrong with Star and Dionne and she wouldn’t bite on it.

Star and Dionne begged to be honored for their parts in the process. However, when it came to who to fire, they didn’t think they should be blamed no matter if it was the reason they lost the task. Hypocrites.

Lil’ John loved the women attacking one another. He’s so laid back and energetic. It’s crazy.

Lisa was fired.

Will Dionne and Star stand up and being PMs? Probably not. They are weak willed women.

Until next task…

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