American Idol Top 13

All my little blue bold names made it into the top 13. I’m way better at this than I also never loved hating so much. I should get an award for how awesome my hate will be this season of American Idol for VFTW. The waste of time award. Though VFTW might win that one, I’d be nominated. It would be an honor to be nominated.

A few thoughts on the 2-hour long reveal. Ick.

Thai raided Bill Cosby’s closet. She shouldn’t have.

And two moms were praising Jesus when their child made it. Jesus could care less about your child making it on American Idol. The moment you realize that, the better for you and Jesus. He likes his name to be use for important things, not frivolous stuff. (sorry Jesus) In addition, Jesus has better things to do than help children make it onto a show in America. Just sayin’.

I’m glad that judges picked Wild Cards. Stomp those VFTW people like they be dirty rats. /pirate.

VFTW Cruddy Blog Pick:

So we had a fun week of supporting Brett Loewenstern and Rachel Zevita, but when our pick had to be in the top 5 of 12, it was an uphill battle we didn't quite make. We still love you, loveable apples, but as VFTW does, we must move on. This is where the VFTW influence actually matters since our pick only has to not be dead last in the votes to survive. And hell, we have some great consolation prizes. We have hilarious Casey, ridiculous Paul, over the top Jacob, growling Haley, terrible James, babylockthemdoors Scotty, etc. I don't think we've ever had a treasure trove like this EVER in the history of the show. So help us out! Out of these people, who do you think should be the next VFTW pick? Don't forget to leave a comment and tells us why.

The above is from the VFTW. Not that you need to be told that. It drags. Not on a cig, but out of the terrible need to afflict pain on their readers. If people read this website for wit and comedy, they must have a shoddy idea of what is funny. They be subpar.

We enjoyed supporting Brett and Rachel but now let us explain why we have zero power in a way that you don’t see your efforts as a waste of time. Then let us make up how we dislike the other contestants. This is so awesome. Each blog is almost a treasure trove of terrible writing that I get to nitpick at. Not over grammar, but terrible, horrible, sucky, butt-munching stupidness of their style or, if I were to dance around the cliché pole, lack-there-of.

I would do this with every single one of their subhuman (ha) post, but that would just make me a nagging nagger like them. I couldn’t dig myself to their level.

I do have to comment on their blog about the “insider” on American Idol. Stupidness in the royal bowl of the Queen of England. It read like any whiner from any job that they were tossed from or dislike. Nothing special or revealing.

I love to hate VFTW because they think they really matter. They think they have power. I love when weak people speak with authority when all they have is the same stage as everyone else. Famous blog or not, they are no better than any teenling that can post their opinion on American Idol, and they don’t live in the basement’s basement. I’ll keep this up as long as they keep on posting those bastardized views.

Here's the names:

Scotty McCreery
Pia Toscano
Lauren Alaina
Karen Rodriguez
Jacob Lusk
Casey Abrams
Thia Megia
Paul McDonald
Haley Reinhart
James Durbin
Ashton Jones
Stefano Langone
Naima Adedapo


Anonymous said...

....You don't really get VFTW do you? Anyone with any kind of sense can tell its an inside joke for people who find enjoyment in aspects of American Idol (and other shows) that the producers didn't intend. Everyone knows they have little power in actually affecting the votes.

With that said, I think your dislike is misguided. People at Vote For The Worst LOVE American Idol as much as you do, but for totally opposite reasons. You should direct your hatred at the sites and blogs that actually dislike the show.

J_Jammer said...

That's like saying bullies like the bullied for different reasons than their friends. They enjoy their patheticness and that's, in a sense, liking them.


There's nothing to get with VFTW. They are as evil as any bully in any school anywhere in the world.

And they deserve to be hated.

You proved my point. They are a waste of space.

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