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I don't care to put pictures. I'm moody like that.

This Weeks List of Ratings
Good Stuff
Japan Feels The Trimmers
Flat like a ran over turtle
The flat turtle had a baby and it’s…flat
The baby flat turtle’s cousin

Naima - 01 - Flat like a ran over turtle
What’s Love Got to do With It - Tina Turner
No. No. and No. Thank. You.

Paul - 02 - bORing - VFTW Choice also boring.
That’s What They Call the Blues - Elton John
I don’t have anything else to say for this bowl of jello. P a u l l o.

Thia - 03 - Lifeless
Colors of the Wind - Vanessa Williams
That brown dress was weird and she didn’t really give much.

James - 04 - Oh-kay
I’ll Be There For Your - Jon Bon Jovi
I like that he dresses like himself. Lots of personality. I think his was the best so far, but not the best from him.

Haley - 05 - The flat turtle had a baby and it’s…flat
I’m Your Baby Tonight - Whitney Houston
She need to take everything back and get a refund. Ick. Lipstick all over her face. Glad Ryan went out and mama hen her, cause no one deserves that mess.

Stephano - 06 - Oh-kay
If You Don’t Know Me By Now - Simply Red
That is a really shiny pink shirt. I liked it ok. It sort of entertained me.

Pia - 07 - bORing
Where Do Broken Hearts Go - Whitney Houston
That pant suit whatever needs to time travel back to the hell in whence it came. NOW. I hate 80’s fashion. HATE. She’s pretty. But meh to the song. Her name makes me hungry.

Scotty - 08 - Good Stuff
Can I Trust You With My Heart - Travis Tritt
The Blue Crew wearing that godawful visor. NO. He did pretty good job. Much better than last week. MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER!!!

Karen - 09 - The baby flat turtle’s cousin
Love Will Lead You Back - Taylor Dayne
She looked like she traveled from TRON. Adorable. Flat Turtles Unite.

Casey - 10 - Oh-Kay
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
If he wore horns he’d look very devil like. That is so rock. The Devil loves rocks. Hot rocks. This was good, but not as good as last week. He is devilishly good goop.

Lauren - 11 - Lifeless
I’m The Only One - Melissa Etheridge
I don’t like zombie singers.

Jacob - 12 - Japan Feels The Trimmers
Alone - Heart
I felt like he was being shook b elves that I couldn’t see.

I thought that Karen, Haley and Lauren should be in the bottom three.

Hate and VFTW is redundant. Sorry for that.

Star Magazine is reporting that American Idol 10 finalist Stefano Langone was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. This happened just one year after Stefano was in a car accident caused by a drunk driver that left scars on his arms. You'd think after that, he would've learned the dangers of driving drunk. Star says Stefano was pulled over for speeding and changing lanes without signaling. On his way to the station after failing a breathalizer test, Stefano apparently sang in the police car. With this popping up, we're sure it's not too long before other Idol contestants having run ins with the law start to surface. What do you think about Stefano's DUI?

They meant to, I’m sure, to put a Y instead of an I in breathalyzer. Nevertheless, they nor anyone who comments on their stuff has caught it a day later. Go figure that one.

The above is a lot of nothing. I think that it’s terrible to drive under the influence. I think it’s terrible that people take it upon themselves to play God and think they need to bring on the pain of the past to anyone and everyone they dislike. VFTW is the worst at that. They are very, very self-righteous. Reminds me of some religious people. Pope.

Paul McDonald lowered the bar for vocals this week and still kept up his entertaining game with his "I Guess That's Why You Call it the Blues" performance. The drunken rambling, the ridiculously raspy vocals, and his "what the fuck did I just do" shrug after the performance was over... We certainly made the right pick last week and we need to continue supporting Paul for as long as we can have him. If he keeps singing like this, it won't be long! So dial 1-866-436-5702, text VOTE to 5702 if you have AT&T, and vote online at Because if Paul can keep delivering like this, we have to get him to the finale. Also adding- Great work, Casey Abrams! Keep picking song like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and performing them like that and you will most certainly be our pick if Paul goes home. Awesome job.

Itunes’ sales disagree with VFTW. People love him enough to buy his songs both weeks at a nice record. VFTW hates on anyone that is remotely different from what they deem normal. He’s quirky with his movements. Why are they not making fun of James? They are making fun of Paul for things James does due to an affliction. Facially…if you want to get technical. If they are really true to their word, they’ll make fun of James any moment now. Alternatively, it’s proof they do have restraint and just go out of their way to hate.

For the top 12, the contestants sing songs from the year they were born. Paul McDonald, of course, makes VFTW proud with his performance. But it’s not just him I’m loving this year. I’ve dubbed my 4 favorite contestants the 4 Horsemen of the Idolpocalypse. Because if these 4 stick around long enough, it will kill the show. Not just in a slow, dignified way. But in a glorious, horrific way that I anticipate loving. My 4 horsemen are Paul, Casey, Jacob, and Naima. The 4 of them make me want to stand up and cheer because I love them so much each week. They keep delivering entertainment value and that VFTW je ne sais quoi that is so hard to bottle. And this season, four people have it. So naturally, VFTW is going to support the one who would produce the funniest winner, which would be white guy with a guitar #4 Paul McDonald. But there’s so much potential this year, I can’t help but say my interest in Idol is truly reinvigorated. This show has really hit its peak and I’m just holding on for the ride and hoping it can continue for as many weeks as possible. The other 3 horsemen should keep up the good work in case we lose Paul so we can switch horses and keep riding.

They say this every year. They need new material.

Until I post the results show in a moment.

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