American Idol Top 12 Girls

They can pick ANY SONG!!! ANY and they pick this crap.

Yes I changed the words.

Down Right Manure

Tat-Tynisa - 01 - Awful.
Only Girl In The World by Rihanna
It’s like someone put a boy’s balls in a vice and asked him to sing.
Ick. Nasty. Terrible. Go away.

Naima - 02 - Nice
Summertime by George Gershwin
She designed an awesome dress. She sounded good.

Kendra - 03 - Awful
Impossible by Christina Aguilera
Nasal and boring. She looked pretty. And I forgot, whiny.

Rachel - 04 - down right manure - not even worth capitals.
Criminal by Fiona Apple
What the hell? Great dress. Terrible voice. Sounds like she stretched a condom over a whale and then shoved it in a black hole. Where it should stay. Take with you. Thanks.

Karen - 05 - Ehright
Hero by Mariah Carey
This was my class’s song. Ick. I hate it even when MC sings it. She sounds like she’s underwater some of the time. But she sounded alright or for tonight, ehright.

Lauren - 06 - Awful.
Seven Day Fool by Etta James (Jully Black version)
Flat. Flat. Flat like a plank that pirates send you off of when you suck worse than

Ashthon - 07 - Awful
Love All Over Me by Monica
If boring had a voice….

Julie - 08 - Awful
Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
She broke my ears with. Every. Single. Note.

Haley - 09 - Awful.
Fallin by Alicia Keys
She has a watermelon sized mouth and the voice that comes out isn’t nearly as big. She needs to close that mouth and go away. No. She tried to bring out the tigress and all I saw was a scared kitty.

Thai - 10 - Nice
Out Here On My Own by Irene Cara
I was sick and tired of the young ones cause they sound like they lack wisdom and skill. However, she sounds like she has both. Great liar she is with that voice, but it’s nice, smooth and controlled. I think she can get better. The song SUCKS, though.

Lauren - 11 - Good
Turn on the Radio by Reba McEntire
Fun with sweet attitude. Hopefully she stays so she can get better and better. Either the others were so terrible she sounded great, or she sounded great, period.

Pia - 12 - Ehright
I'll Stand By You by the Pretenders
Carrie Underwood not only sang this song, she sang it right. What Pia did was pretentious, totally unnecessary and lacked control. LOOK WHAT I CAN DO. Bleh. Unimpressed.

Most of these females picked terrible, stupid, asinine songs. I don’t get how they don’t get what there’s to get and that’s pick a good song. Duh.

Hate on Corner

It looks like the girls are much better than the guys this year in terms of talent, so most of the females were much better singers than the guys. But we still do have to pick someone to vote for tonight. And our support is going to someone we've loved for seasons, Miss Rachel Zevita. It was between Ta-Tynisa's screeching and Rachel's awesomly odd cape throw and Broadway version of "Criminal." With those two narrowed down, it was between bad singing and an entertaining WTF. We always pick the entertaining WTF, so Rachel Zevita gets our love this week. Good effort though, Ta-Ti! So everyone vote for Rachel as much as you can on Facebook, phone, and text. Let's see if she can somehow sneak into the finals. What she needs is a good defense, and that's us.

That first sentence is a doozy. It’s repetitive. “Girls are much better” at the beginning and then at the end “females were much better” really? Please, tell me twice. The IQ of the reader is all right there in that first sentence. They be not smart enough to get it the first go around, they gots to be told twice.

That paragraph was boringer than the guy’s one yesterday. They need to do a better job. I’m bored with their bleh writing.

Guess I’ll talk about the results show tomorrow. Maybe. I don’t know. If I’m motivated.

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