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The Idols saw the premier of Red Riding Hood. They liked it or so it seems. I would not be that receptive to a film they said I have to see. I’m opinionated with films and this would be a film I wouldn’t want to see. I might see it, but that’s only if I have time to do it. I’m really busy with the dancing and the new job. As you can see, I haven’t posted my reviews for last weekend. I wasn’t inspired by the four films I saw.

They top 12 (because Casey is in the hospital…why? IDK) sang a Michael Jackson Medley. It was interesting and fun. I think (if I could even sing and got on the show) that this would be the most awkward part. I don’t like doing many group things. I’m not a group person.

I just skip to the end to see who is off the show. I like that. I hate the build up. However, I wonder how I’d respond with the quick jump to the bottom three. I liked the shake up.

Adam Lambert sang a song. It was mildly interesting. I like him more because VFTW doesn’t like him and because he doesn’t take much crap from bullies, especially a site like VFTW. P-whatever performed. Eh, nothing special.

VFTW Dumpster
VFTW pick Paul McDonald sailed through into the top 12 without touching the bottom 3, as did backup picks Naima, Paul, Casey, and well basically half the cast. The most predictable bottom 3 consisted of Karen, Haley, and Ashthon. Latino voters saved Karen, fans of anal sex saved Haley, so no one was left to save Ashthon. The judges didn't use the save and she was sent home. You know what that means? Paul McDonald is getting a caricature this weekend. You go, white boy. We're going for our 4th white guy with a guitar winner in a row. So keep up those hilarious antics, Pauly. You too, half the cast. You're making this show way more fun than it's been in a long time by taking giant dumps on the stage. Love you!

He sailed through without much help from VFTW. People like him. Imagine that, VFTW didn’t help. Their need to use blogging to publicly molest themselves is disturbing. So predictable was the bottom three that they posted who they thought prior. Then the racist and sexist comments flow out of their fingertips in the worst writing on the internet. Because black people couldn’t like Ashthon. I mean she spells her name in a black way. What was there not to love? We are going for a white guy with a guitar win? As if your help has ever made anyone win. Could you molest yourself any more viciously? Giant dump…wow. That’s talented writing right there.

The Former American Idol Staff Member tells NOTHING. That interview not only sucked it sucked. Worse. Interview. Ever. On top of the fact that there’s nothing shocking in it. OMG people had sex. OMG people listen to rehearsal. OMG people took notes it’s not off the cuff. Neither was this interview. Who’d think anyone put thought into that? Come on. Moreover, they don’t give their name. Weak sauce. Totally fraddy cat. Please, it’s just to sell a book. MONEY MONEY MONEY is all he cares about.

Karen and Haley were in the bottom with Ashthon, who was rightfully kicked off. She chose to sing the song that sent her to the bottom. The judges could save her, but they didn’t. Good decision.

I bought James and Casey’s singles off Itunes. Maybe next week I’ll buy more. Right now, I think the final four will be Casey, James, Pia and Scotty.

That’s all.

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