American Idol Result Show EP. 2

Bottom Three was Karen, Hailey and Naima. Naima sat down first, then Hailey who smiles a lot. Karen was to go home. She sang to save herself. They didn’t use their save. It was not unanimous. It looked like Jennifer Lopez was the one that wanted to save her.

I liked the contestants showing off a fun side. I didn’t like the music acts. Bored out of my mind.

So I skip on to VFTW Corner where they crap and hope you don’t smell it.

Karen Rodriguez predictably became the 12th place finisher on Idol tonight, while Paul McDonald wasn't even in the bottom 3. VFTW Victory! Also fun, the other 3 horsemen stuck around to entertain us for another day. This was an easy one to predict, the ignorant rednecks who make up the majority of Idol voters hate anyone who speaks a foreign language. We'd say something about Karen, but she didn't really provide any entertainment for us on the show. Singing boring ballads each week wasn't going to endear her to us or to the other voters.
Now let's keep it moving to next week, where we know Paul McDonald will continue to piss off America and make us proud. Do a little jig, Pauly! This begs us to ask the question:

They predicted via their own homegrown raciest thoughts. Did they ask people to vote for her? No, they did not. Therefore, they are also part of the redneck crowd they claim to hate. Probably a bunch of whities anyway that blog on that site. No doubt, the writing screams white and boring.

And what is up with using the term rednecks? Do they call people ghetto black when black contestants stick around? No, they do not. Racist. Oh and they are afraid of black people. They are not afraid of white people (or as they said, rednecks--slandering their own race) because they are part of the group that browbeats white people into thinking they can’t like their own race. Only minorities can do that, duh. They don’t even know who makes up the majority of American Idol voters. The only list I saw was male/female list showing that the voters are mainly female and young.

Mistake on the foreign language thing. Naima is still there. She speaks a foreign language.

Their question should have been better. It’s so stupid I refused to copy it.

I’m done. They need to do better next week. Something with substance, please.

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